Great Divide Saint Bridget’s Porter makes taproom return, 20th Anniversary hits in April

Great Divide Saint Bridget's Porter(Denver, CO) – Great Divide Brewing Co. announced on Thursday the return of Saint Bridget’s Porter. More below via email newsletter…

As another nod to our storied 20-year history, we’ve dusted off the recipe books to revisit a classic. That’s right, old school GD fans – Saint Bridget’s Porter makes a miraculous (yet temporary) return to the Tap Room this month. Available just in time for that other Irish Saint’s famous holiday, it’s time to make some new memories with this retro relic.

This year marks our 20th Anniversary and we’re brewing something extra special to celebrate. Fermented with Viognier grape juice, 20th Anniversary Belgian-style ale is both delicate and assertive. Big without being brutish, cunning without being cloying, this is a grown-up beer for a big-time celebration. Look for 20th Anniversary on taps and shelves this April.

(No label yet for the 20th anniversary beer).

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