Avery Brewing Update: Rufus Corvus, Karma, Khodynka, Twenty One, Obscuro and more

Avery Rufus Corvus label

(Boulder, CO) – Avery Brewing Co. revealed some info on new beers in Friday’s email newsletter. More below…

Rufus Corvus
Sunday, April 27th @ 1pm at the Avery Tap Room

No. 19. An artful and massively acidic blend of two major projects and further enhanced with several orphan barrels from the corners of our barrel aging cellar. All ale involved was barrel aged for a minimum of 8 months and a maximum of 24 months. Pucker up, buttercup!

Bottle sales begin at 1pm. Each bottle is $12 per 12oz. bottle, limit 12 bottles per person. Bring cash for the lineup of rare beers available on draft, and join us for brunch from 9-11:30am before the release!

Karma Belgian-Style Pale Ale
” Good Ale Happens to Good People”

We believe in Karma. We suspect most of you do, too. It truly is a global concept: very simply put, “you get what you give.” Inspired by this principle and the wonderful farmhouse and pale ales of Belgium, we’ve created Karma Ale, a decidedly fruity and estery ale, intricate in body and nose, all driven by a unique Belgian yeast strain. Remember, good things DO happen to good people.
Here’s to being good!

Coming to you in May!


Special Tappings
Friday, April 4th @ 5pm

A 10% ABV crazed blend of two stouts aged in Bourbon barrels and spiced with vanilla beans.

Some additional labels have come through for future specialty beers as well which you can check out below including Avery Twenty One Imperial India Brown Ale, Obscuro & Nimbosus Barrel-Aged Sour Ale, 5 Monks Bourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian Quintupel and Black Eye Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Stout.

Avery Khodynka label

Avery Twenty One Imperial India Brown Ale

Avery Obscuro label

Avery 5 Monks Bourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian Quintupel

Avery Black Eye Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Stout


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