Wisconsin Brewing Co. signs distribution deal with OneIllinois’ Chicago Cluster

Wisconsin Brewing logoPress Release: 

(Chicago, IL) – OneIllinois’ Chicago Cluster is proud to announce the exclusive introduction of Wisconsin Brewing Company into the Chicagoland market.

Wisconsin Brewing Company’s craft beers will appear during Chicago Craft Beer Week, May 15-25, 2014, joining in the celebration of amazing craft beers produced in America. Wisconsin Brewing Co. is a major craft brewery featuring owners with decades-long, award-winning beer pedigrees and a “Badger State proud” philosophy that saw both their family of craft beers and the brewery itself 100% made in Wisconsin.* While the brewery is a relative newcomer (WBC’s first brews made their debut in November, 2013), it has already earned a loyal following for the exceptional quality and flavor of its craft beers — most notably, #006 Porter Joe™, a cold coffee-infused porter. As part of this exclusive introduction, Wisconsin Brewing Co.’s launch will target a select number of 80 different craft accounts with draft-only offerings of Porter Joe.

Wisconsin Brewing Co.’s partnership with the Chicago Cluster builds on both of these entities’ desire to put the best craft beers available into the hands and mouths of Chicago’s craft consumers. Wisconsin Brewing Co.’s diverse product portfolio — which includes their Wisconsin-renowned #001 Golden Amber Lager, #002 American IPA, #003 Brown & Robust Porter and #004 Session IPA — is known for being well-balanced, pleasant, flavorful and fun to drink.

The nine members of the Chicago Cluster*, comprised of the MillerCoors distributors blanketing the Northern half of Illinois, represents the largest contiguous group of distributors in the United States. The Cluster represents its supplier partners with a dedicated craft-trained sales force comprised of 265 Cicerone I Beer Servers, 26 Cicerone II Certified Cicerone’s, and operates a fleet of over 300 beer delivery trucks.

In 2013 alone, two of the nine Cluster members were named as Finalists for Craft Beer Distributor of the Year by the National Beer Wholesalers Association, and the Cluster as a whole has received seven such nominations in the last five years.

* http://wisconsinbrewingcompany.com/brewery/watch-our-video

* Burke Beverage, Chicago Beverage Systems, Euclid Beverage, Hayes Beer Distributing, Chas. Herdrich Distributing, Kloss Distributing, Kozol Bros. Distributors, Joseph Mullarkey Distributors, Town & Country Distributors.


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  1. IF they keep WI prices they might be a game changer, if not their beer is too muddled to make a difference.

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