Dogfish Head Namaste label

Dogfish Head Namaste is top grower for company (video)



It is called Namaste and it is a wheat beer with coriander, lemongrass and orange juice. It is probably our fastest-growing beer style. For us, that means we ship tens of thousands of cases per month of that beer.

Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione chatted beer on a recent episode of Squawk Box. The beer mentioned, Namaste, transitioned from 750ml bottles to 6-packs this year.

via CNBC.


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One thought on “Dogfish Head Namaste is top grower for company (video)

  1. Probably because it’s not a total ripoff in this format. And because it’s one of the only DFH beers of the past five years that has been good enough to warrant a repeat purchase. The vast majority of their other stuff seems to be getting more and more Sam Adams-y in that they’re not aiming for the beer geek demographic. Flavors are tame despite their self-proclaimed off-centeredness (btw aren’t all craft breweries “off-centered” nowadays?). Most of their adjuncts don’t add much to the beers. They need to drop the gimmicks and get back to basics of making good beers.

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