Fulton Brewing Co. making progress on expansion, adds new distribution territory

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(Minneapolis, MN) – The latest from Fulton Brewing Co., courtesy of this week’s email newsletter…

March and April have been exciting times for Fulton. Our new brewery in Northeast Minneapolis has transformed from a shell of a warehouse filled with construction debris to looking like a bona fide brewery. While there is still plenty of work to complete before the first cases of Sweet Child of Vine roll off our bottling line, that day is finally visible on the horizon. Until then, head to our blog for a virtual tour of the new digs.


Starting this week, all you beer lovers throughout Central Minnesota will finally find Fulton a little closer to home — or the cabin, as it may be. We’ve partnered with C&L Distributing to bring Sweet Child of Vine, Lonely Blonde, The Ringer, and more to your local watering hole. The first few months will be draft only, and later this year as our new brewery comes online, bottles will be coming as well. We’ll be travelling through the area all summer doing release events and special tappings, so if you see us out, come say hi and we’ll buy you a beer.


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