Green Flash reformulates and ups ABV on West Coast IPA, Hop Head Red

Green Flash West Coast IPA

(San Diego, CA) – Amidst some questions about changes to a couple of Green Flash Brewing Co.’s core beers, the company sent out a note on Saturday clarifying what is new. More below…

If you are receiving this email it is because you love big, bold and hoppy beer as much as we do!

As our eye-catching new packaging hits store shelves from coast to coast, we are excited to share some truly important information about the award-winning beer inside each bottle.

In response to your demand for flavorful and extreme IPAs, we have boosted the flavor profiles in two of your long-time Green Flash favorites. Green Flash Brew Master, Chuck Silva has artfully refined the recipes for the trailblazing classic, West Coast IPA, as well as for our luscious red ale, Hop Head Red. As a result of Chuck and the team’s handiwork, both beers have officially reached DOUBLE IPA status. We added a layer of Citra Hops to West Coast IPA, enhancing the beer’s overall hop aroma while emphasizing the beer’s citrus character. Then, struck by another flash of genius, we increased the dry hopping for both brews and upped each beer’s ABV to 8.1%. There is no doubt that certain that the reformulation of these beers will delight your highly evolved craft beer palate.

These details are now listed on each label, and we look forward to sharing our commitment to the evolution of brewing perfection with you for many years to come.

Green Flash Hop Head Red Double Red IPA

13 thoughts on “Green Flash reformulates and ups ABV on West Coast IPA, Hop Head Red

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  2. I went to a familiar bar of mine tonight and, as I have done many a time, ordered the trusty old West Coast. Was very surprised to find out through a series of tasting, checking the internet and re-tasting, that Green Flash had molested the original recipe of West Coast. In the words of Wook, I say BOOOOO and, of course, Why? I’m not a fan of this change and personally don’t like the new design either. If you want to offer a double IPA, create a new moniker and don’t mess with a classic. Whoops.

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  4. I have to agree with Rob. West coast was my favorite. Haven’t tried the double yet but wish they could have added a double recipe an left the original alone. RIP West Coast IPA.

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  6. Bummer. The original recipe IPA was one of the best “extreme hop” IPA’s available. The higher ABV means I’ll grab something else instead.

  7. I agree with everyone on this list. It was great the way it was AND I could drink more of them. Go back to the Classic 7.3% finessed flavours and if you want to make a Double then do so and make it stand on its own

  8. I agree 100% !! A classic boner- mess with your signature product? What moron thought ” this is a good idea!!!”? Very sorry to see. Good luck – you lost at least three of us!

  9. I am so disappointed that the original West Coast IPA has been shelved. The only one that comes close is the Fathead Headhunter IPA but not quite as good. Will they ever come to their senses and bring back the original classic?

  10. Maybe they’re going to pull a Coca-Cola move and come back with a “classic” moniker.

  11. Green flash beers are by far, my benchmark for most IPAs. The double is a wonderful one, especially smooth for a 95 IBUs. Its worth the $14.99 per 6 pack. Thanks to the Flash Masters

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