Ninkasi Brewing Co. sends special shipment to New York City

Ninkasi brewing logo(New York City, NY) – Ninkasi Brewing is heading to New York City, as reported by publican pals, Blind Tiger and The Gate. However, NYC isn’t necessarily a permanent distribution spot for the company.

Per a company spokesperson, “Nikos will be back in the city for some of the events. He lived there for five years before starting Ninkasi, and has family and friends in the area, so while we have no plans for ongoing distribution to the East Coast, we may occasionally ship out some beer for events and ‘good times’ (as Nikos puts it) in NYC.”

Ninkasi is working with Union and Craft Beer Guild of New York to make the special shipment happen. Ninkasi has worked previously with another part of the CBG network in launching the San Diego market last year. Ninkasi also made a soft landing in NYC for last year’s SAVOR event.

The company will continue to focus distribution in its seven-state footprint on the West Coast as well as British Columbia.

More details on the NYC event per Blind Tiger’s announcement below…

Nearly eight years ago to the day, Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge spent seventeen hours brewing the first batch of Ninkasi Brewing Company’s Total Domination IPA. The two men had met the year prior in 2005 and decided to channel the future namesake of their brewery – making beer that “elevated human experience through social enjoyment and sharing.” Thankfully for all of us here in New York, we can begin sharing Ninkasi’s beer beginning this Thursday, June 5th at 3pm during our Ninkasi New York Premiere Event.

Before he became co-founder of Ninkasi, Nikos lived in New York, and he’s described this event as a full circle moment for him. Join us in welcoming Ninkasi to New York and partake in social enjoyment throughout the evening. Also, if you feel like bar and borough hopping, our fellow craft beer pioneers at The Gate will be hosting a Ninkasi event on the same day across the river in Brooklyn.

Welcome to New York, Ninkasi. We’re very much looking forward to elevating our human experience by sharing many of your beers with everyone we know.

The List:

Ninkasi Total Domination
Ninkasi Believer
Ninkasi Lux
Ninkasi Tricerahops
Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis
Ninkasi Maiden the Shade
Ninkasi Quantum
Ninkasi NWA
Ninkasi Kolsch
Ninkasi Single Hop II
Ninkasi Single Hop I
Ninkasi Allies Win the War
Ninkasi Critical Hit ’12
Ninkasi Oak Oatis
Ninkasi Oak Sleigh’r


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