Southern Tier Pumking kicks off 2014 summer pumpkin beer season

southern tier pumking imperial pumpkin ale

(Enola, PA) – Right on schedule, Southern Tier Brewing Company has released Pumking into at least one market on June 30th, thus kicking off the 2014 summer pumpkin beer season.

Al’s of Hampden in Enola, Pennsylvania, showed off a big stack of Pumking cases on its Instagram feed on Monday with a note, “Get it while it lasts.” It may be worth noting that temps in Enola are in the 90s this week with Accuweather’s RealFeel temps eclipsing 100 degrees.

The nearby Brass Rail Deli also reported delivery.

A photo from Better Beer Bureau on Twitter shows a born on date of “05.28.14.’

Weyerbacher’s Imperial Pumpkin Ale usually comes out in early July as well though the latest brewery newsletter in mid-June did not reference it. Weyerbacher founder, Dan Weirback, told Seen Through a Glass a couple years ago that early pumpkin beer production is largely attributable to restraints on the ability to accommodate growing pre-orders.

The pumpkin ale style has long been a cornerstone of the seasonal creep movement. The first pumpkin beer that we noted in 2013 wasn’t until Mid-July though Pumking’s return is in line with the release timing of 2012’s first batch of pumpkin ales two years ago.

So for those fearing this might mean pumpkin beer in April in a few years, fret not. At least the first or second week of July seems to be a pretty consistent launching date for the annual pumpkin beers.

12 thoughts on “Southern Tier Pumking kicks off 2014 summer pumpkin beer season

  1. still too damn early! bring the fall beers out in the fall! I want summer beers when it’s hot and warmers when it cooling down. SO STUPID!!!!

  2. I’d rather have it early then a ridiculously limited supply that trumps up price and demand like KBS or BCBS. That said… I agree that pumpkin belong to the fall!

  3. It is early, but not really worth getting upset over…frankly Autumn in Southern California is more of a state in mind than a weather condition. Our October’s can be blazingly hot. Every year I buy about 12 Pumkings on Lets Pour (RIP :I ) and nurse them through Thanksgiving. They still taste fine 3-4 months later.

  4. They should start to come out the earliest in the end of August. They might just come out with them on April 1st. For all the fools out there.
    You normally plant pumpkin by late May in northern locations to early July in extremely southern states. Howe can you have a Pumpkin Ale coming out the time farmers are seeding the ground for this years harvest.?

  5. One distributor released it by mistake. Very limited, but great for generating free buzz.

  6. There will be nothing to look forward to in the fall. Its too early and out of season! I hope this isn’t just to make more $$$….

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