Cascade Brewing ends direct beer shipments … for now

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(Portland, OR) – Cascade Brewing becomes the third company to announce an end to beer shipments in the last three weeks joining Let’s Pour and BeerDreamer.

On the bright side, this means more beer for retailers and bars.

More below via the Facebook announcement

We are very sorry to report that at this time, we are suspending shipping our beer due to the legalities of sending beer across state lines. Our online store is currently closed. We will continue to work to address this issue, and keep you apprised of the situation if and when something changes. We value you as our customers and will continue to focus on brewing our world-class NW-Style sour ales. In the meantime, please enjoy our beers at the source.

If you placed an order, it went through. We suspended the site after the orders were processed. You can’t even imagine how stressful this blow is to us. Good news for California followers is that 9 pallets of bottles will be invading your state within the next couple weeks. Thank you for supporting us and we are doing our best to find a solution.


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