Marin Brewing expands distribution to Pennsylvania with Bella Vista Beverage

marin brewing logoPress Release:

(Philadelphia, PA) – Bella Vista is proud to announce the newly signed distribution agreement with Marin Brewing Co of Larkspur, CA. Bella Vista and Marin brewing have been working together to put a distribution deal together for a number of years and today we are able to let you know of the great news!

On April Fools Day, 1989, Craig and Brendan proudly opened the doors of Marin Brewing Company, offering Marin County its first taste of what would go on to be a globally award winning Microbrewery. Right out of the gate, in October 1989, Marin Brewing Company won the first four of what would become many medals at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Meanwhile, back at home, Marin Brewing Company was quickly becoming the go-to place for beer enthusiasts. It was a dream come true for long-time die-hard home brewer, Brendan Moylan.

Eastern and Central PA soon will able to enjoy Marin Brewing Beers in the coming months with full distribution in Bottles, cans and kegs.


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