Anchor Brewing Co. announces distribution management transition strategy for BrewDog

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Press Release:

(San Francisco, CA) – Today, Anchor Brewing Company and BrewDog PLC announce future plans for BrewDog in the U.S. As BrewDog commences plans to build a brewery in Ohio, Anchor will continue to import and sell BrewDog to its wholesaler partners with an eventual distribution management transition to BrewDog’s forthcoming operations.

“Working with BrewDog since 2010 has been a tremendous experience,” stated Keith Greggor, CEO and Co-Owner of Anchor Brewing and Director of BrewDog PLC., “Throughout it has always been envisaged that the optimal arrangement was for BrewDog to be brewed in the U.S. Also, that in managing its own brewery, it would be best to manage distribution, too.”

“Anchor has helped us appreciate the complexity of the U.S. beer market. We are now set to transition from being an import to a domestically produced beer,” stated James Watt, Co-Founder and Captain of BrewDog PLC. “Our U.S .TV show ‘BrewDogs’ has generated a great deal of interest in our beers. In inheriting a national distribution footprint from Anchor, we will be in a unique position to serve those fans easily and quickly with our new Ohio brewing facility.”

Until BrewDog completes its brewery, likely late 2016, Anchor will continue to serve as their importer. As the brewery production schedule is formalized, transition arrangements will be agreed on a wholesaler by wholesaler basis.

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