Odell Barrel Thief BA IIPA, De Proef Left Hand Wekken Sour now in The Rare Beer Club

Odell Barrel Thief Barrel Aged Imperial IPA label BeerPulse 2

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With Father’s Day just two weeks away, you’re looking for gift ideas and one of the best ones for beer lovers is a membership to one of the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Clubs. In this post, we’ll feature the latest from The Rare Beer Club specifically though you can use any of the coupon codes below to any of The Rare Beer Club’s sister beer clubs including the more accessible domestic and international 12 oz. bottle beer clubs.

This month’s RBC selections come to us thanks to two brewers from the great beer state of Colorado and another in Belgium: Odell Barrel Thief Barrel Aged Imperial IPA and De Proef Left Hand Wekken Sour.

Some things to consider/know before ordering….

1) Use a BeerPulse discount

Use one of the promo codes below when you order.

BEERPULSE10 – $10 off ANY Beer Club Membership (2-month minimum)
BEERPULSE15 – $15 off ANY prepaid Beer Club Membership of 6 months or longer
BEERPULSE25 – $25 off ANY prepaid 12 month Beer Club Membership


2) Check out this month’s featured beers

Odell Barrel Thief is brand-new to bottles. The brewery did small draft runs on their pilot system this year to run some tests on the amount of wood time using Myrcenary Double IPA as the test beer. This is a different recipe for the Imperial IPA. There will be limited distribution for Barrel Thief with Colorado taking 60% of the bottling run.

Wekken Sour, a Blended Imperial Stout & Flemish Sour, is a one time collaboration effort between De Proef and Left Hand; it’s also part of De Proef’s annual Brewmaster’s Collaboration series featuring a new brewery each year. With the exception of some West Coast retailers, Rare Beer Club members will get it roughly two weeks before it hits the rest of the country. Expect limited distribution. Some shops have been lucky to even get a six-bottle case of past releases making these beers hard to hunt down but Wekken Sour is here for the taking from The Rare Beer Club, just a few clicks away.

To get these beers, please place your order on or before June 15th 11:59PM EDT & make sure to ask for these beers. They will ship a couple weeks after.


De Proef Left Hand Wekken Sour label BeerPulse Liquorscan

3) Don’t like this month’s featured beers? Substitute in other beers

For your first shipment, you will receive the above two beers unless you specify otherwise. You may call and ask for one of the beers that they still have on the floor and substitute it into your first shipment. Just make sure to do so right after you place your order.

Beginning with the second month, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the Personalized Shipment Program™ which ensures that as a personal member of The Rare Beer Club™ you’ll receive only the beers you want to get. (Also available to gift recipients upon request.) Each month prior to receiving your shipment, you will be sent an email detailing the two upcoming beer selections and given the ability customize what you will receive. You can:

-Add more bottles of either or both of the upcoming featured beers

-Add more of your favorite past selections

-Replace one or both of the featured beers with your favorite past selections

-Choose not to receive one of the featured beers

-Skip the entire shipment altogether

-You’re in complete control of what you receive every month and can rest easy knowing you’ll never get a beer you didn’t want to get. No other beer club offers that kind of flexibility.


4) Beers available to substitute in:

RB = RateBeer Score

1) Fulton Brewing Company War and Peace – RB 98
2) Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven La Trappe Bockbier – RB 94
3) Monkish Rara Avis – RBC Exclusive – NEW!
4) Brouwerij Wilderen Tripel Kanunnik – RBC Exclusive
5) Slaapmutske FLOSS

Beers Available through special offers to members only – Could be substituted for first shipment at a $4.50/bottle surcharge.
1) Kerkom Reuss Belgian Pale ale/Lambic blended Sour Wild Ale – RB 89


5) How many bottles can I order?

You can order a no-obligation membership or a prepaid membership. There is no cancellation fee. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. There are three different membership levels:

Platinum – (6) – 750 ml. bottles each month, three bottles of two different beers. $69.95 plus $19.00 S&H per month.

Gold – (4) – 750 ml. bottles each month, two bottles of two different beers. $52.95 plus $16.00 S&H per month.

Silver – (2) – 750 ml. bottles each month, one bottle of two different beers. $32.95 plus $14.00 S&H per month.

The beer will arrive at your address approximately 2-3 weeks after the 15th-of-the-month deadline passes.


6) Give as a gift

– Choose from 4 unique beer club membership types to meet your budget and suit all palates.

– Send anywhere from 2 to 12 shipments, sending every month, every other month, quarterly or on specific months you choose and your thoughtfulness will be remembered long after the first shipment arrives.

– Use our Design Your Own Club™ program to combine our four beer clubs into a single membership or combine a beer club membership with any of our other 5 monthly clubs.

– Order easily online or toll free in minutes.

– Print out or email a customized gift announcement now or on the date you choose. No gift wrapping or waiting in line ship your gift.

– Best of all, rest easy knowing that we’re going to make you stand out by shipping an assortment of expertly selected, hard-to-find craft beers throughout the duration of your gift.


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