Atlanta Brewing Company (Red Brick Beer) names Garett Lockhart as President

Red Brick President 2015

Press Release:

(Atlanta, GA) – The Atlanta Brewing Company, Georgia’s oldest craft brewer and the maker of the Red Brick and Laughing Skull brands, has named Garett Lockhart as its new president, effective immediately.

The brewery, which is better known as Red Brick Brewing, prides itself on award-winning craft brews and its reputation for great beer. As such, the promotion of Garett from Brewmaster to President makes great sense. According to Bob Budd, who had been President of Atlanta Brewing Company‘s since 2005, “We are excited about selecting Garett Lockhart, our current Brewmaster, to lead Red Brick Brewing. He has shown tremendous talent and commitment to make our beers ‘great.’ Garett has the respect of the team to take the company to the next level of our craft.” As Lockhart takes the reigns as president, Budd will remain on the Red Brick board and continue to be active in Georgia’s Craft Brewers Guild.

The 35-year-old Lockhart has been at Red Brick for almost five years. He grew up in Southern California, where he first fell in love with craft beer. Since joining Red Brick in 2010, he worked his way up to Head Brewer and has been recognized for numerous award-winning brews, including a silver at the U.S. Open Championships in the specialty category.

According to Lockhart, “I’m proud of where Red Brick is now. We’ve made many improvements over the last few years that have really elevated our product. The team here at Red Brick is the strongest I’ve seen in my time with the company. Production is staffed by talented, hard-working pros. The sales team is clicking on all cylinders and the supporting roles are contributing to the overall success of the company. As president, I will continue to keep everyone focused on quality and consistency. Most importantly, when people see Red Brick, they’ll know that they are drinking a well-made, high-quality craft beer.”

Founded in 1993, Red Brick Brewing Company began its brewing odyssey at a small building in downtown Atlanta. Since then, the brewery has established a more than 20-year tradition of producing fresh, interesting, and delicious brews. Red Brick prides itself on crafting a variety of year-round and seasonal offerings, including its exclusive Brick Mason series.

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