Heavy Seas Red Sky at Morning to be reintroduced to Uncharted Waters series in July

Heavy Seas Red Sky at Morning label

[Press Release:]

(Baltimore, MD) – The “Uncharted Waters” Series by Heavy Seas Beer will soon welcome back Red Sky at Morning. This limited release will be available beginning in July (while supplies last) in all 17 states where Heavy Seas beer is distributed.

This is a very special wine barrel aged version of the past seasonal, “Red Sky at Night.” A Belgian saison in style, the beer is brewed with authentic Belgian candi sugar, and then aged for 9 months in chardonnay wine barrels to give the beer a complex, dry finish. Old world (wine) meets new world (beer), so it’s the best of both worlds.

According to Brewmaster, Christopher Leonard, “Red Sky at Night was a popular seasonal product for us for a few years. And, while we loved it in it’s original form, we wanted to explore its “potential” by incorporating it into our “Uncharted Waters” program. The core flavors of Red Sky at Night seemed like they would be a good fit for doing so – with a few tweaks, of course. Red Sky at Morning is a stronger beer than Red Sky at Night. We added a higher percentage of sugar to the boil, we increased the hop flavor slightly, and we employed a different yeast strain that produced spicier esters. All in all, we’ve retained the soul of Red Sky at Night, which is the sailor’s delight, while adding flavor and aroma dimensions in a 10% ABV version that definitely fits the bill of Red Sky at Morning – sailor take warning.”

Brewery Founder, Hugh Sisson said, “In 2015 we were only able to age the beer for about two months in barrel. This year, with 9 months of aging, we really believe we will maximize the impact of the expensive aging process. The resulting complexity will be worth the wait!”

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