Jester King Detritivore 2016 to be released on Friday, August 19th

Jester King Detritivore BeerPulse

(Austin, TX) – Another new beer release update from Jester King Brewery. More below…


This Friday (8/19) when our tasting room opens at 4pm, we’ll be releasing our 2016 batch of Detritivore! Detritivore is made by taking the spent cherries from our Montmorency vs. Balaton and refermenting them a second time with a younger beer. As the name implies, we take the waste from one beer and use it to make another.

Detritivore will be available by the glass, as well as in bottles to go (750ml/$18). The bottle limit is three per customer per day. About 3,000 bottles are available. Outside of special events, Detritivore will not see distribution beyond our tasting room.


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