Avery Dui Cochi, No. 41 of Barrel-Aged Series, just released

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(Boulder, CO) — Avery Brewing Company, a pioneering craft brewery and maker of White Rascal Belgian-style White Ale and El Gose German-Style Sour Ale, will release number 41 of its Barrel-Aged series named Dui Cochi on November 20th at 1:00pm. Dui Cochi is a bold, coconut forward Porter, aged in bourbon barrels with mulling spices and a touch of pumpkin. Perfect for the holidays.

After crossing the Pacific Ocean in 1521, Magellan landed in the Philippines and was given the gift of two coconuts (Dui Cochi) by the natives as a symbol of their hospitality. Although Magellan was eventually hit by a poison arrow and left to die, Dui Cochi is Avery’s gift to you.

This beer is a product of the Special Projects team, headed up by Travis Rupp and Andy Parker. With 18.62% ABV, it’s delightfully hot and very complex with over 330 pounds of coconut added.

As with past Barrel Aged series beers, Dui Cochi is a limited release beer that was created with the intention of pure experimentation. Due to its small batch size, it will only be sold at the Avery Brewery in Boulder, CO on November 20th starting at 1:00pm.

“We essentially took a hefty porter,” says Travis Rupp, Avery’s resident archaeologist and head of the Barrel Ageing program, “that had been sitting in bourbon barrels for around seven months and said ‘let’s go big or let’s go home.’ So, we added 330 pounds of coconut, plus spices and pumpkin, to make this really complex and delightful holiday beer”.

Once this beer sells out, it’s gone forever. Purchases are limited to one case per person.

About Avery Brewing Company:
Avery Brewing Company is a family-owned craft brewery in Boulder, Colorado. Since 1993, Avery has pioneered innovative beers by blending the art and science of brewing with ingenuity, creativity, and boldness. Avery bottles and cans more than 40 beers a year including White Rascal Belgian-Style White Ale, The Maharaja Imperial IPA, and Tweak. Craft your journey at averybrewing.com.


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