Avery Brewing Co. nixes six beers, killing off Demons and Dictators series

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(Boulder, CO) — Avery Brewing Company, a pioneering craft brewery known for being one of the most daring and visionary breweries in the nation, announces today its 2017 brewing calendar and new additions to its year-round lineup. 2017 will be focused on expanding distribution of Avery’s core beer line-up including White Rascal, Liliko’i Kepolo and El Gose, while also continuing to invest heavily in the growth of Avery’s barrel-aging program with space, equipment, brewers and barrels to meet year-round national demand.

These efforts will support Avery’s mission of innovation and experimentation and will consist of additions to the robust “Botanicals & Barrels” series building upon Avery’s wildly popular Raspberry Sour and Vanilla Bean Stout offerings. By late Spring 2017, this series will consist of six, year-round and nationally distributed beers with the releases of Tangerine Quad, Apricot Sour, Ginger Sour, and Coconut Porter.

“The interesting thing about our Botanicals & Barrels series is that as beautiful and simple as the final beer is, it is the culmination of an insanely complex and intricate process”, says Travis Rupp, Avery’s resident Beer Archeologist and head of the Barrel- Aging program, “It’s both an art and a science to allow the menagerie of competing flavors in the beer and the barrels to be married together and end up in a masterfully blended barrel-aged beer”.

Avery will also be hyper-focused on the growth of its “Annual Barrel Series” and “Barrel- Aged Series” in 2017 and dedicated to making it the best in the industry. The “Annual Barrel Series” will continue to produce seasonal favorites including Tweak, Rumpkin, and Uncle Jacobs to lead the way as high ABV fan favorites. The “Barrel-Aged Series” will continue to consists of small batch experimental and unconventional beers that will only be available once in a lifetime. Avery has already produced over 40 beers in this series, and future creations will continue be available for select market releases or brewery-only releases in Boulder, CO. By the end of 2016, Avery plans to have over 3300 barrels in its artisanal collection.

“The Barrel-Aged Series, especially those with brewery-only releases,” says Rupp, “is a direct extension of what Avery was built on with big, experimental, and style-breaking beers. I remember before I even started working at Avery, I would stand in line for hours to buy bottles of Avery beer that were coming out of the Barrel-Aged Series.”

To make room for the expanding 2017 line up, Avery is exorcising the Demons of Ale series, which includes Samael’s, The Beast, and Mephistopheles, and deposing two members of the Dictator series, The Kaiser and The Czar. These beers, along with Salvation and Dugana, will be retired by the end of 2016. “Just because we are killing off these beers doesn’t mean that we won’t resurrect them in the form of tap room rarities or throw them in a barrel,” says Rupp. Luckily The Maharaja Imperial IPA, will be the one dictator to survive and rule them all. The Maharaja will be available year- round in new 4 pack, 12 oz. cans. Welcome to his Kingdom!

“The Demons and Dictators series were ahead of their time when they first came out, but that was over a decade ago” says Avery Brewing Company’s co-founder and CEO, Adam Avery. “These beers led the way for everything we do today to push the boundaries of our beer. Now we are taking all that courage, expertise, and quality control we gained and amplifying it in a much bigger way in our barrel program. We are not only focused on making our barrel program the biggest out there with annual production of multiple different styles of barrel-aged beer, but more importantly we are committed to making it the best and highest quality. This is challenging us more than we’ve ever challenged ourselves before – and that’s a good thing. It’s hard to say goodbye, but I couldn’t be more excited to see the reaction of our fans when these barrel-aged beers get in their hands”.

About Avery Brewing Company:

Avery Brewing Company is a family-owned craft brewery in Boulder, Colorado. Since 1993, Avery has pioneered innovative beers by blending the art and science of brewing with ingenuity, creativity, and boldness. Avery bottles and cans more than 40 beers a year including White Rascal Belgian-Style White Ale, The Maharaja Imperial IPA, and Tweak. Craft your journey at averybrewing.com.


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2 thoughts on “Avery Brewing Co. nixes six beers, killing off Demons and Dictators series

  1. They killed off the best beer ever produced, Czar. What a shame and very short sighted.

  2. Well, it’s been around for a long time. Maybe one could argue that they could have repackaged that in cans. In general things are trending toward hoppy & sour when it comes to premium.

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