New Day Craft Mead & Cider begins distribution in Kentucky

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[Press Release:]

(Indianapolis, IN) – New Day Craft has launched distribution in Kentucky with Dauntless Distributing, bringing with them their modern craft mead and hard cider that is as approachable as it is innovative.

Bold and full of flavor, their products possess a balance and complexity created by virtue of using whole fruit, wildflower honey, and specialty yeast strains; quality ingredients with no concentrates, purees or natural flavors.

Their current Kentucky portfolio consists of five year ‘round and two specialty varieties, with more planned for release over the upcoming months. Here is what’s available now:

Year ‘Round Styles:
Shelby Blue Ribbon – Strawberry Rhubarb Mead, 6% ABV
Sweet strawberries mix with tart rhubarb – a true sweet-tart in a glass.

Washington’s Folly – Tart Cherry Mead, 6% ABV
Refreshing tart cherry flavor with a smooth, floral finish. Slightly sweet and easy drinking.

ReThinker – Dry Hopped Blueberry Mead, 6% ABV
Big hop aroma, combination of dry fruit light hops on the palate. Dry, floral and aromatic.

South Cider – Hard Apple Cider w/ Wildflower Honey, 6% ABV
Crisp and refreshing fresh apple flavor with a creamy, smooth finish. Slightly sweet, very approachable.

Johnny Chapman – Hard Apple Cider w/ Sorghum, 6% ABV
Fresh-pressed apple cider flavor with hints of caramel and malt. Mid-level sweet with a rich body.

Specialty Styles:
Breakfast Magpie – Espresso Infused Black Raspberry Mead, 8% ABV
Heady coffee aroma, deep berry notes intertwine with rich espresso to create a chocolate-covered berry profile. Big, bold flavor with a clean finish.

Barrel Aged Johnny Chapman – Bourbon Barrel Aged Hard Apple Cider w/ Black Strap Molasses, 12% ABV
Bourbon molasses candy apple; rich malted bourbon wrapped around fresh apple sweetness. Aged 6 months in Angel’s Envy, Heaven Hill and Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels.

About New Day Craft
Focused on modern craft mead and hard cider, New Day Craft has been producing their innovative, palate pleasing beverages since 2006. Having built their brand through their commitment to creating quality, well balanced products, they enjoy an excellent reputation with their products actively sought after by mead, cider and beer drinkers from all over. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, their company is strongly focused on growing their distribution; so be on the lookout as New Day Craft comes to your neighborhood! Lean more at

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