Silver City Kwik Stout Chocolate Milk Stout, Fat Woody Scotch Ale now available

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[Press Release:]

(Bremerton, WA) – The 2017 release of Fat Woody Scotch Ale has finally arrived! Available for an exceedingly limited time on draft and in 22oz bottles, Fat Woody is a variant of Silver City Brewery’s perennial fan-favorite, Fat Scotch Ale.

With a more literal name than one might realize at first glance, the beer is aged for the course of several weeks on American White Oak, lending a remarkable vanilla character, and adding a melodic riffage to the tight backbeat of Fat Scotch’s peaty malt bill.

“For centuries scotch whiskey makers understood the invaluable, smooth, rich character extended aging on oak provided their craft,” notes the brewmaster, “A soft oaken nose and a mellow woodiness on the palate are an integral element to any beautifully crafted wine or whiskey. With Fat Woody, we add the benefit of time, allowing the smoky character of the peated malt to meld with the richness of the wood.”

Now available on draft and in 22oz bottles throughout Washington State and Northern Idaho, the official label description reads, “Fat Woody is a limited batch of our renowned Fat Scotch Ale aged on American white oak. The bold, smokey malt profile of the ale intertwines with the smooth, vanilla-like character of the wood for next-level incredibleness.”

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Kwik Stout: Chocolate Milk Stout

New for 2017, Silver City Brewery is also launching a brand-new, Ă¼ber-limited release called “Kwik Stout: Chocolate Milk Stout”.

“What in the heck is a milk stout,” you ask, “What kind of a weirdo puts milk in their beer?!”

Fear not. Milk stouts do not contain actual milk. What they do contain is lactose (or, the type of sugar that can be found in milk). What makes lactose a lot of fun to brew with, and super tasty in dark beers, is that it is completely inedible by yeast. This means that all of the creamy, silky, sweet deliciousness of that sugar will not be fermented off like other types of sugars, leaving you with one delicious dessert in a pint glass.

To solidify this rich decadence, Kwik Stout is turnt up with a substantial serving of cocoa. The already creamy, rich dessert-in-a-glass is suddenly transformed into what could be characterized as an adult version of the beloved after-school refreshment.

Kwik Stout: Chocolate Milk Stout has been a smash hit in its limited previews out of our taproom (the initial batch of bottles sold out in the first evening), and now we’re beyond excited to share it with the rest of Washington. Look for it on draft and in 22oz bottles throughout March and early April where Silver City beer is sold!

The official description reads, “Supplemented by a hearty dose of cocoa, Kwik Stout is a unique style of stout brewed with lactose, a special sugar found in milk that isn’t consumable by yeast, resulting in a silky sweetness. Kwik Stout is so creamy and delicious you’ll [almost] want to drink it with a straw on a weekday afternoon.”


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