ThirstyBear Stave Series No. 18: Isadore’s Transfiguration just released

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A Uniquely San Franciscan Take On The Belgian Oude Bruin Style,
Brewed with Traditionally Aged Chinook Hops and Belgian Specialty Malts,
Soured With Lactobacillus Sanfransciscensis

(San Francisco, CA) – Sourdough bread is about as San Francisco is it gets and ThirstyBear Organic Brewery pays tribute to the originator of this delectable fermented bread Isidore Boudin with the release of their latest limited-edition STAVE SERIES NO. 18: ISADORE’S TRANSFIGURATION. A master baker from Burgundy, France, Boudin first established a San Francisco sourdough bakery in 1849 where he took the sourdough of the day to new levels with more sophisticated French techniques. ThirstyBear proudly honors this San Francisco staple with a treat of their own, an Oud Bruin (Old Brown) aged for five months in second-use American Oak Bourbon barrels (the second-use barrels are perfect for souring, as much of the whiskey and oak character was absorbed by ThirstyBear’s imperial porter, THE DARK AGE).

STAVE SERIES NO. 18: ISADORE’S TRANSFIGURATION is ThirstyBear’s latest small batch draft release, a highly coveted annual favorite for Bay Area craft beer fans. The Oud Bruin style develops a refreshing acidity during the barrel aging process and harnesses no hop bitterness with its use of aged hops. In a nod to tradition, ThirstyBear’s Brewmaster Brenden Dobel used aged Chinook hops from nearby Hops-Meister Farms in Clear Lake, CA.

“Although the hops no longer provide bitterness, they do offer the necessary anti-bacterial properties needed for the aging process,” says Dobel. “To make our latest Stave Series specifically San Franciscan, we used a sourdough mother culture from unbleached Giusto’s Organic Flour, which contains the micro-flora of the Bay Area with Lactobacillus sanfrancensis being the most prominent.”

With a “flavor of San Francisco” and an ode to one of SF’s culinary staples, stop on in to ThirstyBear for a snifter of this delectable brown ale.

ThirstyBear Organic, Small Batch Beers Are Available Fresh, Only On Draught, Only At ThirstyBear!

About ThirstyBear Brewing Co.
Established in 1996, ThirstyBear Organic Brewery is the first and only brewery in San Francisco to brew certified organic beer and become a certified Green Business. Born out of Founding Brewmaster Ron Silberstein’s commitment to support sustainable agriculture, ThirstyBear brews CCOF and FDA certified organic beer. ThirstyBear sources its hops and grains from the world’s most renowned malt houses and premier West Coast organic hop farms to provide innovative, distinctive and always delicious flavors. ThirstyBear pairs its hand-crafted beers with equally exquisite Spanish cuisine. Since 2002, Silberstein has collaborated with Brewmaster and Certified Cicerone Brenden Dobel to define a singular German-influenced West Coast style of brewing, with a special emphasis on pilsners, ales, IPAs, stouts, Belgian-inspired ales, cask conditioned ales, session beers, and barrel aged brews. Dobel’s expertise with German beer styles is the result of his extensive training at Doemens Brewing Academy in Munich, Germany.

As one of the first critically acclaimed Spanish tapas restaurants to open in the Bay Area, ThirstyBear’s Executive Chef Robert McCarthy serves some of the City’s top paella, tapas, charcuterie/cheese and beer pairings, flatbreads, 100% grass-fed beef burgers, and specialty dishes prepared not only with beer, but with beer’s raw ingredients (hops, malts, yeast). In addition to its constantly rotating lineup of specialty, seasonal and classic craft beers, ThirstyBear also proudly serves local wines from kegs to reduce its overall carbon footprint.

According to the Brewers Association, which keeps the most comprehensive information on craft breweries in the United States, ThirstyBear brews and serves more craft beer in-house than any other brewpub in San Francisco. ThirstyBear celebrated its 20th Anniversary in September 2016 as San Francisco’s longest operating brewery-restaurant.

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visit-california-increases-traveler-interest-with-youtube-campaign_case-studies_lg_300This coverage is made possible in part thanks to the generous support of Visit California, which flew us out to Northern California to tour one dozen breweries across San Francisco, Sacramento, Berkeley, Oakland and Sonoma. For more information on California’s craft beer boom, visit here.


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