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(Troy and North Hoosick, NY) – Brown’s Brewing Company of Troy and North Hoosick, NY, announces the installation of a state-of-the-art canning line allowing Brown’s to switch from bottles to cans for its independently brewed beer. Cans have now replaced bottles in beverage stores in Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York. Brown’s is thrilled to provide its customers the best possible vessel to house not only its core styles, but its seasonal and specialty beers as well, offering more packaged beer varieties to consumers than ever before in its nearly 25 year history.

“Since 1993, I’ve said it’s all about the liquid. We don’t take shortcuts to produce award-winning beer and owe it to ourselves and our customers to deliver it in the freshest manner possible. That method of delivery is cans,” said Garry Brown, owner of Brown’s. He continues, “This revolutionary switch for us reflects our mission of constant innovation, and it gets more of our styles literally in the hands of our customers than ever before.”

For the first time, four seasonal beers will hit stores as Brown’s Small Batch Series, sold in 12 oz. can 12-packs: Vienna Lager, Krüsh Kölsch, Brown Ale, and Uncommon Porter. Brown’s Revolution Series, appeasing a love of big beers and salutes everyone who shifts their paradigm now and again, will feature Double Oatmeal Stout, Burst IPA, Double IPA, and Black Cherry Stout in limited run 16 oz. four-packs.

Double Oatmeal Stout – The first in our Revolution Series of big beers, Double Oatmeal Stout is aged on cacao nibs with a touch of vanilla and a hint of coffee. This is a titan of an Oatmeal Stout, independently crafted by us to appease our love of big beers and to salute everyone who shifts their own paradigm now and again. Limited quantity (available now), sold in 4 packs of 16oz cans.

Vienna Lager – Brown’s current Seasonal release (available now). Featuring supreme drinkability with a nod to tradition, this subtly sweet and toasty brewer’s classic is the ideal complement for the warm days and chilly nights of spring.

Krüsh Kölsch – Brown’s next Seasonal release available in May. Featuring a low ABV and an IBU exactly right for those summer days you never want to see end. Brown’s Krüsh Kölsch is nimble and very easy to drink. Cold conditioned and fermented using a blend of lager and ale yeast, this beer’s complex flavors finish clean and refreshing, beckoning you to keep going.

Brown’s year round styles of Oatmeal Stout (2004 World Beer Cup Gold Medal winner), Cherry Razz, and a reformulated IPA will be available in 12 oz. can six-packs. Oatmeal Stout, Brown’s flagship, will also be available in 12-packs. Fan favorites for years, Brown’s continually refines these defining beers to provide only the finest taste and to produce the best representation of the styles.

In the design process for cans and cartons, Brown’s once again partnered with id29, a Troy-based brand strategy, design, and marketing communications studio (and coincidentally, a neighbor to Brown’s Troy Taproom). Given the long history between the two companies, id29 was the perfect choice to design both can and carton packaging as pioneering as the beer inside.

Doug Bartow, principal and design director at id29, said, “Over the past year, we worked closely with Garry Brown and his team to update all of their design elements in light of their ongoing commitment to experimental brewing and in anticipation of the major shift to cans as the package of choice. Moving from 12 oz. bottles to 12 and 16 oz. cans and cartons presented a design challenge as well as a huge opportunity for the Brown’s brand to evolve.” He continues, “The visual heritage that was articulated in the original design was not abandoned, but rather refined and simplified. It’s bold and new, with room to grow as Brown’s continues to release their latest creations in cans to a wider audience.”

With grit and determination as is the Brown’s way, a second 19th century brick factory building at its production brewery location in North Hoosick, NY was renovated to accommodate a canning line with a German-built machine capable of filling 230 cans per minute. The 6,500 square foot structure sits adjacent to the Walloomsac Taproom and Brewery. The renovation saved yet another historic structure, and will house canning innovation as Brown’s continues to be on the forefront of the craft beer revolution. Additionally, the North Hoosick location, which currently employs 32 people, is expected to increase employment in the third quarter of 2017 bringing more jobs to the region.

Back in 1993, before it was cool to be craft brewery, Garry and Kelly Brown opened a brewpub in then-blighted Troy, NY. Eventually, through hard work and dedication, Brown’s Brewing Company became what it is today with an R&D brewery, full scale production brewery, and two popular taprooms, with a three state distribution of cans and kegs. Ever evolving over 25 years, Brown’s again looks to the future in 2017 and beyond. For more information, visit


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