Hopsy offering 50% off craft beer and free delivery with promotion code (California only)

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Everybody knows that most beer is just better fresh. But sometimes, it’s hard to find fresh craft beers at your local bottle shop. Bottles can sit around for months and sometimes just aren’t properly dated – making it a guessing game. That’s where Hopsy comes in. Hopsy, the first service to deliver fresh, local growlers of craft beer directly to your home – has been running for over a year out of the San Francisco Bay area. Partnering with the best bay area breweries, Hopsy has made acquiring fresh craft beer something you can do from your couch.

Starting this month: Hopsy is opening a San Diego hub – partnering with a growing list of local breweries, including Coronado Brewing, Benchmark Brewing and New English Brewing. With the ability to deliver fresh growlers of craft beer across the state of California, Hopsy is making old beer a thing of the past. In celebration of their new San Diego location, Hopsy is offering Beer Pulse readers 50% off all beers and free delivery, with our exclusive promotion code: 50OFF.

Check out their always growing selection of beers. Try Hopsy today!

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