SKA Brewing beers now available at all BevMo locations in Northern California


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(San Francisco, CA) – Independently owned and brewing since 1995, Ska Brewing Co. is now available in Northern CA at all BevMo locations. Domestically, Ska Brewing can be found in 11 states and they are careful with their distribution footprint. Previously, their beers were only found in California up to Santa Barbara. For the first time, Ska beers can be enjoyed in NorCal!

There are 3 packages currently available at BevMo.

Hoptions 12pk cans —The Mixed Up IPA Twelve Pack featuring:

-Modus Hoperandi IPA – An American-style India Pale Ale with a deep golden-orange color, bitter and hoppy, with a surprisingly smooth finish. 6.8% ABV. 88 IBU
-Rudie Session IPA – Weighing in at 4.5% ABV, Rudie begins with a big fruity hop aroma of pears and watermelon candy, but is relatively low in actual bitterness. 4.5% ABV. 45 IBU
-Decadent Imperial IPA – Citrus aroma prevails. Mounds of fresh hops and caramel malts explode upon the palate. This Imperial IPA hides nothing of our tendency toward self-indulgent behavior. 10% ABV. 80 IBU

Modus Hoperandi 6pk cans — It’s Old-Man Bitter.
A mix of citrus and pine that will remind you of the time your went on a vision quest and woke up in a pine grove full of grapefruit trees. 6.8% ABV. 88 IBU

Modus Mandarina 6pk cans — The Masses Clamored For It’s Return
Orange you glad we listened? Now available in cans, year-round. A unique twist on Modus Hoperandi, this citrus IPA is dry-hopped with a generous portion of mandarina bavaria hops and brewed with sweet orange peels. 6.8% ABV. 88 IBU


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