Wild West Brewfest takes over Katy, Texas, this weekend (May 5-6)

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[Sponsored Press Release:]

(Katy, TX) – The Wild West Brewfest consistently is awarded top festival in the United States, and there is a reason why. The passion and joy that the organizers show is unparalleled to other festivals of its kind. The WWBF has continued to outpace its competitors by adding various activation zones while bringing a wide array of brewers to the event. The Chairman is a proud member of the Brewers Association of America, a voice for the local Craft Brewer.

There are many things this festival will offer to the patrons starting with the amount of brewers that will be in attendance and the quality level of the beer. With over 90 Brewers and over 500 beers there will be surely something for everyone.

The various zones will include:
The Hop House, over 11,000 square feet of beer nirvana, over 35 rotating taps, DJ, great food, dancing, video wall and much much more, this will be the place to hang out if you’re a VIP ticket holder. Not many events can boast such a space, and oh but the way, the entire space is under Air condition!

The HEB Auction House, here you will find another climate controlled tent opened to the general public with some fantastic auction items in it along with a bar with 8 taps and ample seating. This truly is a great space to hang out, get out of the heat bid on some terrific items and drink some great beer!

The Jordan Ranch Sports Zone where you will find sports type games (basketball and golf) along with a great bar that will be rotating over 15 taps daily along with high top tables and chairs for the patrons to relax and enjoy the day all under a 4200 square foot tent.

No Label and Southern Star Beer Garden, featuring over 15 rotating taps, seating and a dedicat-ed band this tent will be one of the favorites of the local scene.

Growler USA Bier Garden, with a German feel matching up with the Growler USA branding this 2400 square foot tent will be a fun place to hang out…with over 9 rotating taps all day from vari-ous brewers you will find something here you will enjoy….and don’t forget the Umpa pa band!

The High Octane tent, unique to the WWBF, everything you will find here will be 7%+ABV, seri-ous beer drinkers only!

The 8th Wonder game tent will offer up over 12 taps and multiple video games that we used to play as kids such as Asteroids, PacMan, Donkey Kong along with multiple Pinball machines. No quarters required!

Along with the above, there will be many can zones, 5 bands throughout the day on multiple stages and plenty of activities for everyone.

One of the most unique things we believe about this event would be that the organizers take no fee and donate both their time and money to put this event on. The event is hosted by the Rota-ry Club of Katy Texas who donates 100% of the net profits back to needy causes. Over the past 5 years they have donated over $320,000 with $130,000 coming from the 2016 event alone. We know there are many festivals like this to attend however with the amount of liquid on property, the quality of the liquid, the various zones that you will find at this event and topping it off its staffed by 100% volunteers who take no fee this is truly a one of a kind event.

To purchase tickets for the Wild West Brewfest for May 5 and May 6 – please log onto the web-site at www.wildwestbrewfest.com.

Event Dates: May 5 and May 6th 2017
VIP opens at 2PM
General admission opens at 3PM
Event closes at 9PM

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