Westvleteren 12, Abyss 2016, Eclipse 2016 & 90+ beers online at Craft Beer Kings

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We went through the painstaking task of sifting through the entire Craft Beer Kings catalog AND listing out ~95 top beers that will command your wallet’s utmost attention, led by Westvleteren 12, Deschutes The Abyss 2016 and FiftyFifty Eclipse 2016. We also spotted only one bottle each of Logsdon Peche ‘n’ Brett and Firestone Walker XX, each of which will probably be long gone before most of you even open this post & read this far.

CBK is one of the top online beer shops in the nation that ships to much of the USA. Some things to know:

1) eGiftCards make a great option as you are picking out Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts.

2) Beer baskets make a great tangible gift option if gift cards seem too cliche. Not to mention, the mystery box program that CBK has popularized makes a cool gift.

3) 750 craft beers in stock from which to choose + wine + coffee.

4) Flat rate shipping on mega orders

5) Are you in/near Orange County, California? Craft Beer Kings opened up a new brick & mortar location in La Habra at the end of 2016.

6) Sign up for the CBK email newsletter for daily new beer alerts.



1) Westvleteren 12

2) Logsdon Peche ‘n’ Brett (1 LEFT)

3) Logsdon Oak Aged Bretta (2 LEFT)

4) Logsdon Far West Vlaming

5) Logsdon Fresh Hop Seizoen

6) Deschutes The Abyss 2016 (5 LEFT)

3) Firestone Walker 20th Anniversary Ale (1 LEFT)

6) Firestone Walker Parabola 2017

7) Firestone Walker Fortem

8) The Rare Barrel oss The Sea

9) The Rare Barrel Supermassive

10) FiftyFifty Eclipse 2016 Coffee Lavender

11) FiftyFifty Totality

12) The Bruery Guava Libre

13) The Bruery Sans Pagaie

14) The Bruery Share This (OC)

15) The Bruery Melange 3

16) The Bruery Saule

17) Bruery Terreux Goses are Red

18) Bruery Terreux Sour in the Rye

19) Bruery Terreux Frucht Lemon & Cherry

20) Beachwood Blendery Everything Is

21) Beachwood Blendery Careful With That Raspberry Eugene

22) Beachwood Come in Grape, Your Time Is Up (Grenache Edition)

23) Beachwood Into The Great Unknown (Citra & Galaxy Edition)

24) Beachwood Alpha Galactic

25) Beachwood System of a Stout

26) Beachwood Amalgamator IPA

27) Beachwood Mocha Machine

28) Modern Times Nitro Black House

29) Modern Times Tetra City

30) Modern Times Symmetric Orchestra

31) The Lost Abbey Framboise de Amorosa

32) The Lost Abbey Deliverance (Aged in Bourbon & Brandy Barrels)

33) The Lost Abbey Ex Cathedra (Bourbon)

34) The Lost Abbey Genesis of Shame

35) The Lost Abbey Serpent’s Stout

36) The Lost Abbey My Black Parade

37) The Lost Abbey Track #8

38) Perennial 17 Mint Chocolate Stout

39) Prairie Pe-Kan

40) Prairie BOMB

41) Avery Uncle Jacob’s Stout

42) Avery Raspberry Sour

43) Avery Twenty Four Imperial IPA

44) Avery Ginger Sour

45) Avery Tequilacerbus

46) Avery Lunctis Viribus

47) Hangar 24 Barrel Roll Pugachev’s Cobra

48) Hangar 24 Barrel Roll Galaxy Gardens

49) Hangar 24 Barrel Roll No. 5 Chandelle

50) Almanac Sangriaveza

51) Almanac Tropical Galaxy

52) Almanac Summer in the City

53) Almanac Apricot de Brettaville

54) Almanac Cherry Picker

55) Almanac Strawberry & Basil

56) Cellador Ales Firegold 6 Grapefruit

57) Cellador Ales ++GOOD

58) Cellador Ales Ex Luna

59) Boon Oude Geuze Mariage Parfait 2013

60) Boon Oude Geuze VAT 109

61) Boon Oude Geuze

62) Kern River Just Outstanding CANS & bottles

63) Kern River Long Swim DIPA

64) Stone w00tstout

65) Stone Xocoveza Charred 2016

66) Stone Xocoveza Extra Anejo

67) Stone RuinTen IPA

68) Stone Tangerine Express IPA

69) Stone Southern Charred

70) Allagash Uncommon Crow

71) Allagash Astrid

72) Allagash Hibernal Fluxus 2016

73) Allagash Fluxus 2017

74) Allagash James Bean

75) Cascade Kriek

76) Cascade Manhattan NW

77) Cascade Sang Du Chene

78) Cascade Noyaux

79) Cascade Apricot

80) Cascade Sang Noir

81) Cascade Strawberry

82) Epic Oak and Orchard Dark Sour with Plum

83) Epic Oak and Orchard Trois

84) B. Nektar Episode 13

85) B. Nektar The Mutant Killer

86) B. Nektar #Dragonsarereal

87) Saint Archer Tusk & Grain Wee Heavy

88) Saint Archer Tusk & Grain Barrel Blend No. 2

89) Council Woofle Dust

90) Council Broken Wand

91) Clown Shoes Space Cake #7

92) Libertine 1234 Broad St

93) Libertine Coffeetine

94) Mikkeller Raspberry Blush

95) Mikkeller Crooked Moon Tattoo Stockholm

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