Harpoon Brewery acquires Clown Shoes Beer

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(Boston, MA) – Harpoon Brewery and Clown Shoes Beer announced within the past week that the former has acquired the latter.

According to the Clown Shoes blog

Yes, Clown Shoes has been acquired by Harpoon. No, we are not going to lose our identity and no, we are not “selling out”. Harpoon is an independent, employee owned craft brewery. All Clown Shoes Employees are moving over to Harpoon. All of us will become employee owners. For this partnership to work, everyone needs for us to continue to be Clown Shoes. We will still produce innovative, high quality beers with signature graphic marketing. We will, in fact, create small batch, state specific, and barrel aged beers at an accelerated rate in 2018.

According to the Harpoon blog

Clown Shoes, Harpoon and UFO Beer will be the same beer that you have grown to love. In the coming months, you will be able to enjoy all three at both of our Breweries.

This will be an exciting pipeline of new product development for both brands! We’re pumped for the Clown Shoe employees to join on as employee owners because that means we’ll have even more beer talent working hard to make sure YOU continue to have delicious and innovative independent craft beers to enjoy!

Even better? Clown Shoes is bringing with them the ability to make some smaller batch beers on our system… so we expect some great things in 2018!

Harpoon announced it became an employee-owned company in July of 2014.

Harpoon ranks 18th among all U.S. craft breweries in production, per Brewers Association data. The association’s marquee publication, The New Brewer, shows the company sold 198,300 barrels last year, its first time below 200,000 barrels since 2012. Clown Shoes produced between 12,000-13,000 barrels in both 2015 and 2016.

2 thoughts on “Harpoon Brewery acquires Clown Shoes Beer

  1. Dear brewery formerly known as Clown Shoes,

    Apply all the semantic tomfoolery you want in a futile effort to proclaim you didn’t “sell out.”

    But the fact is you quite literally “sold out.”

    You didn’t sell out to AB InBev, you didn’t sell out Coors, you didn’t sell out to Heineken (or Lagunitas). But to deny you “sold out” is to deny you have a solid grasp on the English language.


    El Stone

  2. Seeing as Harpoon is an employee owned brewery this Clown Shoes acquisition seems almost like a merger between two like minded enterprises. Love this and look forward to some interesting beer products to come from combining these two quality breweries. Good Luck!!

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