Boatyard Brewing Company’s Christmas Beer Extravaganza to feature 30+ beers

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Christmas Beer Extravaganza at Boatyard Brewing Company

Date: December 24th, Noon to 4 PM

Where: Boatyard Brewing Company, 432 East Paterson, Kalamazoo

What: The Most Extensive Christmas Beer Release Party on the Planet!

Eight years ago, long before the Boatyard Brewing Company was even a thought, Dan and I brewed a beer for Christmas, our Christmas Eve Porter. This beer was our gift to friends, a gift made using our memories of our Christmases past. The smell of vanilla, raisins, and rum swirled around the brew pot as put in motion a practice that has grew to included everyone in our love of Christmas. Preparing for this Christmas, it seems that every member of the Boatyard family has made their mark on our Christmas Beer offerings. We are excited to celebrate with our city, the joy of Christmas tastes and smells with our Christmas Eve Open House. It will be a grand day as our friends, regulars, visitors, and family join us to prepare for the celebrations to come. Boatyard Brewing Company will open at Noon on Christmas Eve with joy in our hearts and an excellent collection of Christmas offerings. If you miss us on Christmas Eve, we will be offering these beers beginning the day after Christmas.

Be prepared….there are many more in production…we still have a few weeks to go!

GINGERBREAD MAN OVERBOARD IMPERIAL PORTER is BBC’s Imperial Porter infused with molasses and Danish gingersnaps.

HOME ON LEAVE is our Southern Ale made with bourbon-infused roasted pecans and vanilla.

SIREN”S SONG is our bourbon-barrel aged One-Legged Pilot Russian Imperial Stout.

SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED STOUT is our Kings of Mojo Stout infused with cold-brew coffee and chocolate. It will help parents complete their toy assemblies at the wee hours of Christmas morning.

WHISPS OF WHISKEY AND RUM is a Green Door Distillery whiskey-barrel aged cream ale infused with rum.

THE GOURD THAT STOLE CHRISTMAS is a bourbon-barrel aged Imperial Pumpkin Stout. It is all so good for those who like their pumpkin kicked up.

FAST EDDIE RED ALE was made for our fallen Comstock Fire Chief Ed Switalski. Raise a glass to Ed and his family. He gave all to keep us safe.

MIDNIGHT MAPLE is our famous black cream ale infused with maple.

SCOTTISH CHRISTMAS EVE is our first ever whiskey-barrel FERMENTED Scottish Ale. It is smooth and mellow for a chilly Christmas Eve.

SCOTTISH SOUR CHRISTMAS EVE is our first ever whiskey-barrel FERMENTED Scottish Ale which was later barrel soured. It is smooth and tart and a great Flander’s Red..

HEART-WARMED STOUT is a blend of our Itty Bitty Brown ale with our Russian Imperial Stout. It was then aged with rum and fresh cinnamon.

SANTA’S CAJONES AZULES is an imperial honey ale aged with blue pea flowers and blueberries. It is BLUE and YUMMY!

VONZO’S CHRISTMAS GANILLA PORTER is our robust holiday porter made with fresh ganilla.

SNOW ON THE BOG is an imperial blood orange and honey harvest ale aged with Michigan cranberries and cherries.

CHRISTMAS TUXEDO is a dark chocolate and vanilla infused robust porter.

OLD MARLEY’S PORTER is a classic English porter right out of a “Christmas Carol.”

REDEMPTION EISBIER is an ice beer made from our EZ Ale, our classic American wheat. It is the deepest flavored wheat beer ever made!

FELIZ NAVIDAD GOSE JENNY is our white sangria gose made with blood orange, pineapple, and cranberries.

NEW ENGLAND CHRISTMAS IPA is a juicy New England IPA aged on freshly juniper berries.

REINDEER FUEL is another crazy concoction from the mind of Dennis Massingil combining an alarming number of figs with honey and spices for a big holiday beer.

CHRISTMAS TREE ALE is a christmas tree in a glass; a great cream ale infused with Siberian fir that Santa dropped off at the brewery.

CHRISTMAS SUNSET ON A BEACH is a beer for those friends of ours looking for a tropical Christmas. This ale is a grapefruit pale ale perfect for a warm afternoon on a Christmas beach.

CHRISTMAS PARTY VIXEN is our very first christmas sour made with blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries.

CHRISTMAS EVE PORTER was our very first Christmas beer make with molasses, vanilla, and rum-soaked caramelized raisins.

GLUHBIER is based on a traditional Austrian gluhwein, combing a nice beer with great winter spices.

WINTER STORM WARNING is our Imperial Harvest Ale made with 80 pounds of freshly picked Cascade Hops. It has been conditioning for nearly 4 months and is smooth as fresh ice.

COTTON HEADED NINNY MUGGINS is our luscious Belgian Quad made with an sleigh full of dates.

SEA DRAGON is Dennis Massingil’s world famous Cherry Belgian Strong made with Traverse City cherries.

FIRES AT MIDNIGHT is Pat’s Scottish Ale made with smoked malt.

KIRKENCHRISTMAS SOUR is our kicked up Kirkenberry Sour with the addition of pomegranates and strawberries.

TRANSOM JACK PUMPKIN ALE is one of our holiday favorites and we saved one more barrel for Christmas.

BELIEVE is our lovely Christmas fruit, Michigan Honey Wheat.

ONE-LEGGED PILOT is our amazing 9.4% Russian Imperial Stout that is perfect for a cold Christmas Eve.

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