Reminder: 12/20 is last signup day for Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club December shipments

Rare Beer Club 21 beers list

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Above you will see the list of beers available from The Rare Beer Club as of 12/4/17. An important date to note because a beer may have sold out in the meantime. Never fear, there are some real winners on there like O’so Arbre Qui Donne Wild Ale which boasts a 4.17 / 5.0 rating on Untappd currently. Or American Solera The Ground Is Shaking! which has a 4.08 / 5.0 rating.

The final date for orders that can start with the December shipment is Wednesday, 12/20/17, although please note that delivery is not guaranteed by Christmas. After that, the next available month to start will be January. Even prior to the 20th, many customers choose January as the beginning of their order and simply send a gift announcement email to their recipient on Christmas.

Learn more about signing up for The Rare Beer Club using a BeerPulse exclusive promo/discount. Note that you will want to call your order in to specify the exact beers that you want.

The Rare Beer Club and other clubs in The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club family also make great holiday gifts.

Discount codes for all Beer Clubs:

BEERPULSE10 – $10 off ANY Beer Club Membership (2-month minimum)
BEERPULSE15 – $15 off ANY prepaid Beer Club Membership of 6 months or longer
BEERPULSE25 – $25 off ANY prepaid 12 month Beer Club Membership

You may opt to skip the fancy beers and go straight for the IPAs with the The Hop-Heads Beer Club which owners describe further… “For those who can’t get enough IPAs and other hoppy beers, The Hop-Heads Beer Club™ offers a variety of hoppy beer styles, including IPAs, Double IPAs, Session IPAs, IPLs, Imperial IPLs, Session IPLs, hoppy Pale and Red Ales, and more from two or more breweries each month. The focus is not just on beers that have bitter hop profiles, but also beers that explore the many hop flavors and aromas available to today’s brewers. Members get twelve, 12-oz. beers in each shipment, which includes 3 different beers (4 bottles or cans of each) from both U.S. and imported breweries, and our monthly newsletter.”

If you are looking for more accessible beers that will be palatable to entry-level drinkers that are friends and family you may consider going for The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club, The U.S. and International Variety Beer Club and The International Beer Club. Free Bartender’s bottle opener included with ALL 3- to 12-month beer memberships!

Learn more about those clubs here.

AND if you happen to be to reviewing other competing clubs as well, check out the grid that lays out why should be your choice.

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