Why The Rare Beer Club, Hops Heads Beer Club and others make great last-minute gifts

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There are just a few days left before Christmas. You’re probably thinking … “oh crap, no shopping yet … now what?” Monthly clubs make a great gift & our favorite one out there is The Rare Beer Club. Read on to learn why.

Also … check out this comparison guide!

1) Discount Codes – Not the #1 reason but we put this at the top of the stack because it’s important! Use one of the promo codes below when you order. You may use these codes on any of the multiple beer clubs offered by The Microbrewed Beer Club of the Month, not just The Rare Beer Club.

BEERPULSE10 – $10 off ANY Beer Club Membership (2-month minimum)
BEERPULSE15 – $15 off ANY prepaid Beer Club Membership of 6 months or longer
BEERPULSE25 – $25 off ANY prepaid 12 month Beer Club Membership

2) Top/quality beers for varied palates – May of the beers sent through the Rare Beer Club (and also the other clubs) rate well with beer reviewers and hit on unique styles. Sours, Belgians, Barrel-Aged beers, etc. The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club staff also serve as a tasting panel, individually selecting beers for the different clubs. There is also a Hop Heads beer club introduced in 2016 that has become very popular among the offered clubs, especially for IPA lovers. There are also the three traditional clubs for those casual beer drinkers who aren’t fixated by rare or hoppy brews.

Learn more about each club.

hop-heads-beer-club3) Exclusivity – The Rare Beer Club features lots of exclusive beers throughout the year with recent entries from Cigar City, The Bruery, Jolly Pumpkin, Jester King & more.

4) Ability to pick beers – With The Rare Beer Club, the Personalized Shipment Program allows members to pick what beers they want out of a pool of monthly options (usually more than a dozen beers). You may skip a shipment, add to a shipment or replace / substitute beers in for a current shipment.

5) Gift that keeps on giving – Ever got a monthly membership from someone as a gift? No? It’s more rare than you think. This year, avoid more kitchenware that will collect dust and vie for something more interesting. Your recipient will be reminded of your generosity again and again.

6) Cost Flexibility – You can give a small one-month or two-month membership or go big and give a full-year membership.

7) Club Option Flexibility – With the Design Your Own Club option, you can combine beer clubs and non-beer clubs. Learn more in our post here.

8) Easy / Last-Minute Gifting Option – There are just a few days left before Christmas and you’ve managed to wait this long to get a gift for someone. Not to worry! No shopping malls, no postal trips, no wrapping! At checkout, you can opt to print or email your recipient a gift announcement. They will then get their first shipment in January!

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