Marin F.B.I.P.A. is third beer released mocking current White House administration

Marin F.B.I.P.A glass BeerPulse

(Marin, CA) – First, there was Not Your President IPA, then Dotard, now F.B.I.P.A. It’s Marin Brewing’s trifecta of beers.

F.B.I.P.A. is the latest from Marin Brewing’s Brewmaster Arne Johnson, and chances are you’re going hear a lot about this one in 2018!

F.B.I.P.A. is a Double IPA that Johnson describes it as a new, refined version of last year’s Dotard DIPA. “We’ve kept the simple malt bill, but played around with the hop additions a bit,” said Johnson. He does warn this one is a “Strong and assertive, yet balanced, and it’s coming after you, Dotard! We ain’t lying,” he cautions.

F.B.I.P.A., originally named Flynn for the Win, will be available at Marin Brewing on Monday, January 8, 2018.

8.4% alcohol by volume, 85 IBU’s

Malts: Gambrinus Pale 2-row, Thomas Fawcett Crystal 46

Hops: Simcoe, Centennial, Mosaic, French Aramis

Yeast: London Ale

Unfiltered. Fined for clarity.

To learn more about Marin Brewing Company’s award-winning family of beers and our acclaimed food selection, visit the Marin Brewing Company website. You can also follow the Marin Brewing Company Twitter page or Marin Brewing Company Facebook page to stay up to date with all our latest news and events.


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3 thoughts on “Marin F.B.I.P.A. is third beer released mocking current White House administration

  1. Beerpulse, please remove me from your list. Left wing politics and beer don’t mix.

  2. Beerpulse, please add me to your list. Making fun of the president has always been fair game.

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