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BeerPulse began as http://beernews.wordpress.com back on February 29th, 2008, with a post about a popular Imperial Stout called Portsmouth Kate the Great. With encouragement from a few online strangers, Adam Nason soon bought Beernews.org. Back then, the site was just an end-of-the-night hobby fixated on finding beer news in obscure places to share with other beer geeks. Over time, the site has grown tenfold organically both in readership and scope of coverage without any marketing dollars spent.

Nearly four years after it began, BeerPulse is now the web’s #1 destination for beer news. It is one of the fastest-growing beer sites on the web today, serving over 200,000 visitors a month. Both beer drinkers and industry members follow our coverage focusing on small breweries, the more dynamic part of the industry. Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors and the like get their fair share of front page time.

BeerPulse does accept content contributors, anonymous info/tips and advertising. For advertising information, please check out the Advertising site.


adam nason 110Adam Nason founded BeerPulse as a passion project when he was 23 years old. He is responsible for site development and is the lead editor. Nason’s seldomly-updated personal blog can be found at adamnason.com. To reach out to him, please email adam@beerpulse.com.

ferullo-1-120 black white 110
Chris Ferullo loves craft beer. An IT business analyst by day, he moonlights as a hophead and proponent of the Philly beer scene. Ferullo practiced journalism in college and is the first writer to join the BeerPulse team.

tim mannion mugTim Mannion is a resident of Chicago with a background in journalism. He also happens to be a beer guy and joined BeerPulse in 2012 to help out with some things behind the scenes. This is his on-screen debut.

dan christopherson photo 110Daniel Christopherson of DCBrewLaw.com is a registered patent attorney with the Christopherson Intellectual Property Law Firm. He is an avid craft beer enthusiast who helps new and established breweries develop their business models and protect their intellectual property.

55 thoughts on “About BeerPulse

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  2. Under the tab “New Beers,” the older posts button in not working. It just refreshes the front page.

    Good luck with the changes.

  3. I’m still considering my options with the RSS feed this week so I’ll leave that one for the time being. I take feedback seriously and appreciate it.

  4. I’m a big fan of your site. It’s always loaded with such good info, but I’m not so hot on the new layout. Perhaps you could offer an explanation somewhere as to what the differences are between your new options across the top (“New Beers” is obvious, but I feel like the others are a bit nebulous). I tend to not be too bothered by change, but I’ve got to say that I enjoyed the old layout much more. I’m curious to know what other feedback you’ve received.

  5. Hi Rob,

    I’ve got mixed feedback so far. To be expected for a site layout that is in beta. I may just pull the press release and new beer label categories. They were just there for familiarity.

    The Unfiltered tab would make more sense if I was doing more posting. But I have my hands tied building other things behind the scenes to do more posting than I am at the moment.

    Thanks for the comments. I take them to heart and will act to change the site for the better.


  6. I second the idea of going back to the full posts in the RSS feed. I was actually trying to look around and see if it was an option I missed or something that got switched. So if that’s a possibility at all, I would love to get that back. But either way, the work you do on this site is great! Keep up the good work!

  7. Oh, and since the new labels and such aren’t put into the direct feed, is there any type of option, or additional RSS feed that would update with the new labels posted?

  8. Hey Michael and others,

    http://beerpulse.com/feed/?post_type=beer will give you the beers updates. Again, it is just the name of the beer and you will have to check out the label online for the time being.

    Still having internal battles (just in my own head) as to whether to grant full rss feed reading. I just don’t want to say ok, I’ll open it again for 2 weeks and then decide to cut it off again and piss people off even more.

    I’m considering opening up some subscribing capabilities [not paid but as in, I like this beer and want to subscribe to its updates] on site which is what I want people to use going forward. That’s the main reason for the truncated feed at the moment.

    Keep the feedback coming,

  9. Hi! New to this and your site was recommended – how can I submit a press release on our new seasonal beer? Thanks!

  10. I would like to let you know that Shelton Brothers is back in IN and being distributed by Starlight Distribution. The first stores to receive a shipment are located in Clarksville, IN @ the Keg Liquors and also in Indianapolis IN @ Crown Liquors and Kahns. Selected Christmas beers are also in Cost Plus World Market in Carmel.


    Stacy Eads
    Starlight Distribution

  11. I would also like to know where you submit a press release to your and your site??? myBeerNation is a new iPhone app for the craft beer enthusiast! If you have an email or button to submit a press release, I would appreciate it!

  12. Hi Dan,

    I generally don’t post press releases on new products unless it is actual beer. Very few exceptions over the last few years. If you would like to advertise, please check out the Advertising section. You can email me there.


  13. Hi Jonny,

    Very little coverage of breweries/beer outside the U.S. and at this time, not possible to embed the feed on an external site. Thanks for your interest!


  14. Hey, Adam!

    For some reason on the front page, when I click “older posts,” it always takes me to December 3rd, 2011 with the article “New Belgium Adds Pilot Brewery.” I feel like I’m missing posts if I don’t check every day and I’m not sure how to get to them! Thanks!

  15. Hi Danny,

    Can you give me more info like what browser you are using and whether you are on desktop or mobile (if so, what device?). I’m unable to reproduce the issue. I see December 30th posts as I should.

    Thanks! Adam

  16. Hi,

    I’m launching my website tomorrow. Any pointers for me. Please email so we can keep in contact.



  17. Nav on multi page articles on an iPad as by several TINY numbers that it’s hard to hit. It’s also easy to not even notice “Page 12345” and think the article has terminated abruptly.

  18. As an avid craft beer fan and owner of a bulk CO2 supply company, I can’t tell you how much I love this website. Keep up the good work guys.

  19. I really hope you rethink the posting of tweets. There’s already a medium for that…twitter.


  20. Thanks, JD.

    Not sure which tweets you are referring to in particular or why they bother you given all the non-tweet content here.

    That said, I agree they lack some context to the more casual visitors. Unfortunately, writing full posts around those tweets would create more work on top of an already 16-hour day which just isn’t happening.

    Hope to keep improving the site.


  21. would love to be able to add a gadget to my blog that flips through your headlines. any thoughts of allowing/providing that?

  22. Just wanted to say I’ve been following since 2010 and love it all – helps me stay ahead of the game. I recommend it to all of my fellow beer geeks, and those I meet while travelling a 23 state territory! I live in Charlotte, NC so if you’re ever down let me know and we’ll grab a drink at the best beer bar in the city, Duckworth’s.

    Keep up the awesome work, and thank you!


    (Sent while drinking a Daft barrel-aged barleywine at Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. in St. Louis, MO.)

  23. Despite Beerpulse being a private one man operation, could you provide an update on the financial progress the site has made. I remember the personal post you made a while back about how you are finally making a decent living with your hard work on Beerpulse.

    Thanks and great work,

  24. I just bought a 12 pak of George Killian’s Irish Red. When I opened it up,lo and behold, there was one 12 ounce bottle of Third Shift Amber Lager from the Band of Brewers Company. So what gives?? Is this a teaser from MillerCoors?

  25. Hi. I see the new beers tab but is there a listing of all beers that I can look through?

  26. I believe you guys recently posted on a beer that was done in remembrance of Stone Brewings’ Matt Courtright. I am trying to find out who did it for our Stone Rep.

  27. Where can I find the spreadsheet with the names of the list of beer retailers?

  28. I would highly recommend you add The Shanty Irish Brewing Company to your list of California Breweries making great impressions.

    Rooney’s Irish Pub / The Shanty Irish Brewing Company brews 2,600 gallons every year in the middle of the rapidly expanding wine country of the Central Coast that draws tourists and visitors year round, and they are quite often the very center of activity.

    Their Beers are Crisp, Full Bodies and quite Delicious!

    Here is the website for Rooney’s Irish Pub / The Shanty Irish Brewing Company http://wwww.rooneysirishpub.net.

    Seriously worth the trip if you live in California.

  29. I just wanted to leave a quick note to compliment you guys on what a great job you’re doing on keeping the site updated.

  30. This use to be one of the top beer news sites! It has taken a major dive. It does not get updated with current news… very sad! PLEASE GO BACK TO THE WAY YOU WERE!

  31. As a follower I really feel like you owe it to your patrons to let them know when you decide to drop off the planet for 2 months

  32. Adam – I left some comments a few years back and was super impressed by the fact that you replied so quickly. Same day, in fact. Thanks for that. I’ve noticed, along with some of your other site patrons, that you’ve stopped updating the “New Beers” section. Any thoughts on what’s happening there? Thanks, man. Keep up the good work…and Merry Christmas!

  33. I used to be a daily reader. This site is useless now. Pretty frustrating. Why don’t you address this?

  34. Sorry, it’ll come back very soon. Putting in a lot of hours into work related to BeerPulse on the business side of things. Just didn’t anticipate how much of my time that would take. And at 30 years of age, I don’t have the energy to come blog at midnight as I did when I started this several years ago.

  35. I’ve been looking for the micro brewery in Massachusetts that has been making a very smooth and very malted beer called : “Trio Mist Beer”..I’ve been going around in circle .. It’s a very new and crafted beer that has the big beer companies wondering what it’s all about.. According to the pamphets that are advertised, the beer is quite expensive and has a high alcohol content..It’s has a more malty flavor that any other beer… Wonder if it’s made in a different way?…

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