So, You Think You Can Advertise?


SUMMER SPECIAL: BeerPulse is offering $50 off on minimum $250 advertising orders each month to the first five companies that sign with us. While we still have some advertising space available for this month and next, we generally start booking ad space 30-90 days in advance of campaigns so please don’t wait. In addition to the services below, we offer general beer consulting services as well.

Sick and tired of paying high print rates and not knowing the impact of the spend?

You’ve come to the right place.

Look forward to hearing from you.


[table caption=”Is Advertising on BeerPulse Right For Me?”]
I want to…,Yes/No?
Give advertising a try for as low as a couple hundred bucks,rck
Promote my business & a charity and/or an event,rck
Reach both beer drinking consumers and beer industry professionals,rck
Have access to extremely affordable rates,rck
Have access to someone who knows the beer business well,rck
Pick when my advertising campaign starts and ends,rck
Point the ad visitors to my website/Facebook page/elsewhere,rck


[table caption=”Are Banner Ads Right For Me?”]
I want to…,Yes/No?
Have access to a network of nearly 1 million global beer drinkers,rck
Target visitors in a specific state or region(s),rck
Space out my ad so that it is effective (not every other page view),rck
Send multiple images and see which one works best,rck
Send multiple ad sizes,rck
Have someone do the ad artwork for me,rck
Send a different ad halfway through the campaign,rck
Display an autoplay/muted video,rck
Be able to measure/track how many times displayed and number of clickthroughs,rck


[table caption=”Are Sponsored Posts Right For Me?”]
I want to…,Yes/No?
Have my business featured on the front page of BeerPulse for a day,rck
Formally introduce my business and/or new items to a large readership of beer drinkers,rck
Tell beer drinkers across the U.S. what beers I have available to ship to them,rck
Establish myself/my business as a thought leader with a series of guest blog posts,rck
Have a post written on behalf of my business by someone else,rck
Do an interview or Q&A,rck
Promote my startup brewery/Kickstarter fundraising effort with a story,rck
Link to my website from within the post,rck
Have people like my Facebook page from within the post,rck
Have people follow my Twitter account from within the post,rck
Display any kind of video in a post,rck
Track how many people read the post and clicked through to my site,rck


[table caption=”Are Sponsored Status Updates Right For Me?”]
I want to…,Yes/No?
Reach a beer drinking audience across multiple social media platforms,rck
Have my own (or @BeerPulse) tweet featured on BeerPulse’s front page for a day,rck


6 thoughts on “So, You Think You Can Advertise?

  1. Hi!

    I found your website Beer News and believe it meet the needs of a client of mine.
    Do you allow advertisers to purchase text ad links at this time? Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Thanks in advance,
    Lyla Wilde

  2. How exactly does advertising here work? This would be an ideal place for a client that I’m working with to advertise. Perhaps more explanation of a minimum budget, and what a certain set budget would entail in regards to promotion, banner ads, etc. Thanks!

  3. You know I can brand. You know I can advertise witches to the nutcracker auditions and they’d make the final cut:) –let me know if you want me to add in to assist you move to your next level. Could be fun:-D

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