Leinenkugel's Orange Shandy

Leinenkugel’s Orange Shandy


28 thoughts on “Leinenkugel’s Orange Shandy

  1. Common guys what a tease…. Orange Shandy only purchasable in a 12 pack variety??? Give me a 12er of all Orange please!!

  2. Leinenkugel’s Orange Shandy is now my number 1 favorite beer of all time. Thank You Leinenkugel Family for creating such a masterpiece of this delicious flavorful orange beer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can only get the lemon here in Clearwater beach. Very disappointed! I really want the Orange.

  4. It’s the middle of July 2014 where’s my orange shandy ? Parched !!! In Delaware Ohio 🙁

  5. you can get it in fla. i had it last fall in boynton beach, now i cant find in anywhere here in boston. like hello


  6. Please bring orange shandy back to Illinois!!!! It’s by far the best!!! I cannot find it anywhere.

  7. South Jersey looking for a couple cases of that Orange Shandy. The breakfast beer. lol

  8. They are selling a Leinenkugel shandy 12-pack in cans here in northwest Ohio. It includes the original lemon shandy, the orange shandy, the grapefruit shandy, and a ginger shandy.

  9. Was just told by the company they will not be selling it anymore alone, only in the sampler pack…big bummer. Was a great beer and the other ones in the pack don’t taste good at all

  10. as you can tell, selling orange by itself will be a success! Please your customers. What if I drive to the brewery from Ohio?

  11. What happened to our Orange Shandy??? You cannot tell me that the Ginger or Grapefruit is outselling it!!! Come on guys…Bring it back PLEASE!!!

  12. Grapefruit is awesome! We always have it in the fridge. Would like Orange Shandy as well. Lemon is too Lemmon now. Like a cleaner would taste or something. And ginger… good grief.

  13. Really….Bring back the Orange Shandy in it’s own package… By far the best tasting Orange beer hands down!!!

  14. I agree, they put the Summer Shandy(don’t like) and Grapefruit Shandy (only one I buy now) in separate packages. I would buy Orange Shandy if it was packaged by itself. I prefer 12 pack cans as I recycle and they are easier to take to the recycle center. Also aluminum takes only 10% the energy required to recycle compared to glass, please keep this in mind when buying all beverages. If you do not like drinking out of aluminum, simply pour into your favorite cocktail glass!!!

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