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Samuel Adams Utopias 2017 now available

(Boston, MA) - The brewers at Samuel Adams Beer today announced the 10th release of Samuel Adams Utopias, the craft beer community's...

3 thoughts on “The Boston Beer Company

  1. No! I don’t consider Sam Adams a “Craft Beer”! To put stupid names on beers such as high quality “Sam Adams” is as the brewery thinks they have a sub standard product that they have to make big changes in. I’ve hard things like “CANS” mentioned, label changes and the such. Sam Adams just needs to stick to the CORE and don’t deviate while your winning the Beer Wars.

  2. Boston Beverage Company is more like it. They should focus on brewery safety a bit more. Seems like there is a serious issue every year between glass in bottles, death, explosions and injuries. In stead they focus on shareholders demands, acqusitions of independant breweries and filing lawsuits against low level employees. This international corporation is a wolf in lambs clothing… far from a craft brewer in my opinion.