Rumors: No Rodenbach and Hvedegoop Distribution in US and another new ‘Southern Tier?’

courtesy of Mikkeller and Three Floyds

[7/24 Update: Latis Imports issued a press release on Tuesday that it has obtained rights to import Rodenbach to the U.S.]

These tips all came via posters at Beer Advocate:

Twin Cities Imbiber is reporting that, according to a Duvel rep, Rodenbach will no longer be distributing the U.S. No reason is cited in the article and it’s not clear, at the moment, whether it will be permanent. More information should come to the surface in the upcoming weeks.

Rumor is that Mikkeller’s collaboration with Three Floyds, Hvedegoop, despite being brewed here in the US, will be shipped off to Denmark for distribution. Some of the supply will stay at the brewpub and should be available in bottles at some point. No word yet on whether that will be available in time for Dark Lord Day but that could solve the problem of not being able to satisfy those around the US wanting to try this beer. Mikkeller also recently collaborated on ‘Eliot’ with Struise and ‘Tyttebaer’ with Nogne O. As for Hvedegoop, the Wheatwine took home a silver medal in the Chicago Beer Society Brewpub Shootout back in January.

Finally, it looks like Southern Tier may be poised to release another new beer. This is not in reference to the Creme Brulee rumor that we reported on a few weeks ago. Rumor is that Southern Tier has a Cherry Saison in the works. Roland and Russell, Southern Tier’s distributor, has it listed on an updated pricing sheet but the company has not returned an email requesting more information. If true, this would be the brewery’s second venture into Belgian beers. Its first, a Tripel, was met with mixed reviews.

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