Moylan: ‘Kilt Lifter’ no more in some states


[Update: To clarify the original report, Moylan’s will still carry the Kilt Lifter name in all states where distributed except for OR, WA, AZ, and British Columbia]

(Lakespur, CA) – Owner, Brendan Moylan, confirmed last week that Moylan’s Scotch Ale will no longer carry the iconic “Kilt Lifter” name that it has for the past thirteen years [UPDATED: but only in certain regions: Oregon, Washington, Arizona and British Columbia. It will keep the name in all other regions]. When asked why the brewery had to switch it, Moylan commented, “In the spirit of integrity in the beer business and mutual disdain for trademark lawyers, we choose to act within a gentlemanly manner and sell our product with an alias in limited distributable zones.”

Moylan went on to name off several breweries who carry the Kilt Lifter name on their beers:

Pike Brewing (January of 1997-trademarked in WA, OR, ID & Canada)
Four Peaks in Arizona (opened in 1997 but trademarked nationally).
Alley Kat Brewing (Canada) has a Kiltlifter Scotch Ale from Alberta
5 Seasons Brewing in GA (opened in 2001)
Lb. Brewing Co. from Hays, Kansas
Pug Ryans has a Scottish Ale formerly known as Kiltlifter

A RateBeer search also shows that there are another half dozen or so. To date, it has the most reviews for any beer with the name, “Kilt Lifter.”

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9 thoughts on “Moylan: ‘Kilt Lifter’ no more in some states

  1. Moylan’s Kilt Lifter will always be called “Kilt Lifter”
    We have decided to rename the beer for AZ, OR, WA, ID, AK,
    Thats it!! all other states will continue to get the ORIGINAL KILT LIFTER.

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  4. Maybe someone should tell Pike Brewing this because they’ve been selling a Kilt Lifter Ale in bottles and draught for some time. Cheers!

  5. We were never asked to change OUR name!
    Parting of getting a Trademark is to conduct a search to see if you are indeed the only user. Do you think this happened? Google?

  6. Thanks for the comment, Brendan. I’m confused by the meaning of your comment or whether you think there is an error in the article. Would be happy to address it if there is.

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  9. Can I find this beer in Tucson, Arizona? I had it in Vegas and it was hands down the best beer I’ve ever had but everywhere I’ve checked in Tucson, there seems to be some difficulty in distribution.

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