BrewDog declares war on Schorschbraeu with Sink the Bismarck!

(Aberdeen, SCOTLAND) – In the nuclear arms race for world’s strongest beer, BrewDog has reclaimed the title with its 41% ABV IPA, Sink the Bismarck!

[11/25 Update: This beer will be available in the U.S. very soon.]

Within the last week, I wrote about how Schorschbraeu trumped the 32% ABV Brewdog Tactical Nuclear Penguin with a 40% ABV beer. I was surprised when Brewdog’s James Watt tweeted the post out to his followers proclaiming that “Tactical Nuclear Penguin is dead.” Makes sense now. Watt knew he had an announcement coming two days later.

Flash forward to this morning and BrewDog even has a write-up in the BBC about the new beer.

The duo from Fraserburgh are marketing geniuses and they’ve once again turned to video to announce the new beer. This time, however, the focus of the video turns to firing shots at the German brewers from Schorschbraeu. It’s possible that BrewDog’s displeasure for Schorschbraeu comes from trying to one-up them on the day of their big Tactical Nuclear Penguin announcement. It may also stem from Schorschbraeu allegedly trying to sell the brewery its recipe for strong beer (see the end of the video).

Calling them “sausage munchers” and deliberately mis-pronouncing Georg Tscheuschner’s first name at the end of the video could be perceived as crossing the line though I will let you be the judge.

You can order Sink the Bismarck! here.

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