Flying Fish Exit 16 Wild Rice Double IPA arrives in March


(Cherry Hill, NJ) – Flying Fish Brewing will release Exit 16 Wild Rice Double IPA next month according to its latest newsletter.

The beer is the fourth to join the semi-controversial Exit Series. It follows Exit 4 American Trippel, Exit 11 Hoppy American Wheat Ale and Exit 1 Oyster Stout.

Here is the beer description: “The fourth stop on our multi-year trip to explore New Jersey takes us to one of the most maligned places in the state- the Hackensack Meadowlands. It’s the place usually identified with landfills, pipelines, mob burials (alleged) and sports teams that say they’re from New York.

Although no longer home to forests of giant cedars and salt hay marshes teeming with aquatic life, the Meadowlands is still an amazingly diverse ecosystem providing vital animal and plant habitat. In a nod to a once common food plant here, we’ve brewed this beer with wild rice. We also used brown and white rice, as well as two malts.

Rice helps the beer ferment dry to better showcase the five different hops we’ve added. Lots and lots of them. We then dry-hopped this Double IPA with even more-generous additions of Chinook and Citra hops to create a nose that hints at tangerine, mango, papaya and pine.

Learn more about efforts to restore the Meadowlands.”

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4 thoughts on “Flying Fish Exit 16 Wild Rice Double IPA arrives in March

  1. So….this beer arrives in march? Thanks for all of the helpful comments obviously set to promote personal sites but offering little information.

    For everyone
    Yes, it is extremely citrus.
    Whoa grapefruit breakfast treat
    Very foggy.
    Let’s dust furniture with it!
    And drink it all the while.

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