Bell’s Brewery says goodbye to Batch series with 10,000


(Kalamazoo, MI) – You may have heard already . . .

[11/16 Update: According to World Class Beverages’ Bob Mack on Twitter, this is shipping to Indiana wholesalers next week.]

The brewery is staying mum on just what this beer is for now but one thing that the back label revealed is that this will be the final installment of the Batch Series. Says Marketing Director, Laura Bell, “Batch 10,000 seems like a good milestone to end the series at. It’ll free up other opportunities for specialty beers in the future.” With expansion in the near-future, the brewery should have no problem in continuing its specialties program next year and beyond.

Bell added that is doubtful that this beer will be released in time for the 25th Anniversary celebration in September. To do so would probably conflict with the release of Bell’s 25th Anniversary Ale.

The Batch beers are among the higher-regarded offerings from the brewery according to RateBeer.

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