Beer notes Dogfish Head: Brand X, Brew Masters, production/revenue #’s


(Milton, DE) – A motherload of interesting tidbits to share on Dogfish Head

[For more info on tonight’s episode of Brew Masters, I’ve moved all info to this post which features video clips.]

On Wednesday, the Rehoboth team brewed what is presumably a new recipe: “fruit, interesting grains & high abvs are involved!” Founder/Owner, Sam Calagione, hinted on The Brewing Network recently that they will develop it into next year’s bottled “Brand X” mystery beer to be released next winter.

The planning notes are available for this year’s Dogfish Head/Beer Advocate collaboration to be released at Extreme Beer Fest. Though the brewery is known for championing high alcohol, they are turning the tables in creating a sessionable Kombucha-like beer for the March event.

Yesterday, Dogfish Head linked to a live chat on with Calagione. I encourage you to watch the videos but if you are on short on time, here are the highlights:

-The brewery is projecting $52 million combined revenue between brewery, brewpub, distillery and merchandise in 2011. $41 million in 2010.

-The brewery has been growing at 30 or 40% for the past few years but is committing to only 20% growth going forward

-New edition of “Brewing Up a Business” is coming in February

-At one point, Calagione says, “The world doesn’t need another world-class Kolsch or a world-class pale ale. The world needs more innovative beer.” Agree or disagree?

-Says that they should know whether they will have a second season of Brew Masters “fairly soon”

-Dogfish Head’s legacy in wood and sour beers: Calagione says he thinks they brewed the first wild yeast beer that was bottled in 2001 (Festina Lente). Was also among the first breweries to work with wood-aged beer – was chipping up oak champagne barrels in 1996 to create Immort Ale.

-Existing capacity is 500,000 barrels. Brewery is estimating 115,000 barrels this year which is approximately a 19% increase from 96,891 barrels reported last year (The New Brewer May/June 2010 – Brewers Association). Projecting 140,000 barrels in 2011 (22% increase).

-Confirmed that they are working with Sierra Nevada again in 2011 with another new version of Life and Limb and said that the beer should come out late next summer. Hinted that more collaborations are coming but didn’t want to name partners just yet.

-For the entrepreneurs out there, Calagione opened Dogfish Head originally with $220,000 in funding, $110,000 from friends and family & $110,000 in debt financing

-Punkin is the brewery’s #6 selling beer & top selling seasonal – Calagione comments that it’s absurd that some other breweries are selling Pumpkin ales in June or July, asking distributors to take extra pallets if they produce the beer early. He says that September 1st will likely be the earliest that Punkin will ever be available.

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