Brew Masters “Ancient Ale” episode sneak peek

(Milton, DE) – Here’s a preview of tonight’s episode of Brew Masters.

A new episode of Brew Masters airs tonight at 8pm EST on the Discovery Channel. “Ancient Ale” features an Egyptian beer named Ta Henket which is now on sale at the Rohoboth brewpub, according to the Dogfish Head Twitter account.

Per the Dogfish Head website, “Working with our archeologist friend Dr. Pat McGovern, this beer was created to incorporate the ancient ingredients and techniques described in Egyptian hieroglyphics. It was brewed to 11.4 Plato with Emmer (an ancient form of wheat) and loaves of hearth baked bread and flavored with dom-palm fruit, chamomile, and zatar. Fermentation was carried out by a native Egyptian saccharomyces yeast strain captured by Sam and Floris during a recent trip to Egypt.”

Dogfish Head Founder/Owner, Sam Calagione, added on Beer Advocate this afternoon, “We also have a place holder in our 2011 budget for an ancient Egyptian recipe we are collaborating on with our old pal Dr. Pat McGovern – this project is at the center of tonights brew master episode.”

Episode description: “Dogfish Head is about to brew a batch of ‘Chateau Jihau,’ a 9000 year-old recipe based on pottery jars recovered from a village in Northern China. Sam heads to Egypt in order to bring back to life beer from one of man’s earliest civilizations.”

Next week’s episode will feature the Eataly NYC collaboration with Mario Batali and Italian brewing partners, Leonardo Di Vincenzo and Teo Musso.

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