Japanese Green Tea IPA by Stone Brewing, Ishii Brewing, Baird Brewing sneak peek

Japanese Green Tea IPA

(Escondido, CA) – Here is an early look at the label for Stone Brewing‘s latest collaboration, Japanese Green Tea IPA.

Update: This beer uses Aramis hops (perhaps the first commercial U.S. beer to do so). More info in the update below…

Per the Meet the Brewers night page, “Our latest collaboration is going to be something really special: a green tea IPA with all proceeds helping to raise money for Japanese tsunami relief. We couldn’t be happier to have renowned brewer (and Stone ex-pat!) Toshi Ishii [of Ishii Brewing] back to help out for this one, and we’re excited that Bryan Baird of Baird Brewing will be joining the effort, too. Help us welcome these rock star brewers to Stone on the eve of a monumental brewing day!”

Back Label:

A wonderful spirit of camaraderie, cooperation and mutual support exists in the world of craft brewing. We have harnessed this spirit fully in the crafting of this special collaborative brew dedicated to the resilient people of Japan who are bravely endeavoring to overcome the tragedy of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

We tip our brewing hats to the quiet elgance and humble sophistication of Japanese culture through the judicious addition of Japanese whole leaf green tea to this big, bold, spicy and herbal IPA. Cheers, Japan!

Update: “When our old friends Toshi Ishii and Bryan Baird approached us about brewing something special for Japan relief efforts, we of course jumped at the opportunity. We created this very special IPA, brewed with 100% Maris Otter Malt and Belgian Candi Sugar. Once we decided to tie it all together with the addition of Japanese Sencha Green Tea in a dry-hop, the rest of the recipe came together easily. We included hops that we believe would blend well with the tea flavors, and we went non-traditional, at least in the sense of American IPAs. After bittering with Warrior hops, we used Crystal and New Zealand Pacifica for flavor. And then for the first dry hop, we again used Crystal and Pacifica, and added a brand new hop variety, Aramis, from the Alsace region of France. Then we went all Japanese for the 2nd dry-hop, with Sorachi Ace whole lead hops and the Sencha Tea. It’s always fun to use new ingredients and new hop varieties and for that, I say to Toshi and Bryan: ‘Domo Arigato!'”

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8 thoughts on “Japanese Green Tea IPA by Stone Brewing, Ishii Brewing, Baird Brewing sneak peek

  1. It won’t be fully collaborated until it hits our (customer(s)) lips!

    Well done, Baird-Ishii-Stone!

  2. As a Baird beer, Toshi’s IPA and Stone drinker, I KNOW it’s gonna be good! We are drinking the Baird Wabisabi green tea IPA now in Japan and it’s very nice. I just know this bigger, bolder 9% collaboration brew is gonna be good. A lot of people in Japan have started talking about it. Looking forward to it coming out over here!
    Baird is one of the best if not the best craft brewery in Japan and Ishii san is still revered here among craft beer drinkers. Great collaboration idea and it’s wonderful that proceeds are going to help those in need.
    Can’t wait to drink this baby!

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  4. A wonderful spirit of camaraderie, cooperation and mutual support exists in the world of craft brewing

  5. Excellent blend of hoppiness to the green tea. I must say this collaboration is a very huge success!

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  8. One of the nicest ales I’ve tried! I’ve been looking everywhere I know of here (Japan) to get another taste of it… Surely someone saved a bottle or two to sell later on!

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