Kallman calls it quits on New Century Brewing


(Hingham, MA) – One of the co-founders of Boston Beer Co. has shut the door on her second beer venture.

Rhonda Kallman became a household name among craft beer drinkers as one of the stars of Beer Wars. Kallman’s struggles to grow her business, New Century Brewing, was one of the primary plotlines of the film and eventually proved to be too much. The FDA’s banning of one of her two products, Moonshot, was the final nail in the coffin.

The Patriot Ledger reports, “Kallman is shutting down New Century Brewing for good this month, and preparing for the next challenge. The decision follows a move last fall by the FDA that essentially banned New Century’s Moonshot beer because it contained caffeine. Kallman, who ran New Century out of her Cohasset home, puts most of the blame for New Century’s demise on the FDA.”

Kallman also had a hard time getting the support of craft beer drinkers. Here are some ratings from the online beer sites…

Beer Advocate:






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7 thoughts on “Kallman calls it quits on New Century Brewing

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  2. I’m a little confused. At what point was a craft beer drinker suppose to like this?

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