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Oskar Blues opening a brewery in North Carolina


Stop it, North Carolina. Just. Stop it.

His company has signed a contract on a 30,000-square-foot brewery space adjacent to a 6,000-square-foot restaurant and music venue in downtown Brevard, […] allowing the company to save on shipping costs, as more than 35 percent of its beer is sold east of the Mississippi River. The new venue should be up and running by December, the company said.

The new facility will be similar in size to Oskar Blues’ 35,000 sq.-foot facility in Colorado. The brewery operates on a 50-barrel brewhouse.

Brevard is 34 miles southwest of Asheville.

via Longmont Times-Call.



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6 thoughts on “Oskar Blues opening a brewery in North Carolina

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  2. More like stop it, Colorodo/California! All these western breweries trying to get in on the NC action.

  3. Whatev NC. Colorado and Cali will always have more breweries than you. 🙂

  4. Well I would hope they have more 🙂 , they are 2 states not one, with California being one of the largest in the nation. Obviously there is a benefit to them coming here, with three breweries announcing a move here.

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  6. Whats the big deal its just a brewery folks. This State Needs a little diversity and a brewery is not my first choice but it brought a few jobs and hopefully a tasty beer. Haven’t been there yet. But it is open and they are having a New Years opening party.

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