ONCEMADE, a unique beer collaboration project, set to launch in September

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(Boston, MA) – Pintley’s Tim Noetzel and Rich DiTieri are, today, formally announcing the upcoming launch of ONCEMADE.

The duo is starting a seasonal/quarterly project that matches two breweries together for a pair of single-batch collaboration beers.

“We’d been wanting to do a collaboration for a long time and a bunch of different brewers had approached us to do something,” says Noetzel. “We really wanted to make it different, not just ‘another beer.'”


The first release features sour Imperial Saisons from two first-year breweries out of the Boston area: Night Shift Brewing and Backlash Beer Co..

oncemade beer logo squareBacklash’s beer is a 6% ABV pale saison with a pilsner and wheat malt base, along with Nugget and Willamette hops.

Night Shift’s beer is an 8%+ ABV red saison boasting a complex malt bill that includes caramel, wheat, rye, and acid malts. It features Saaz and Willamette hops and agave nectar is added at the end of the boil.

Both beers underwent primary fermentation with a traditional saison yeast before aging for two months in a combination of oak barrels. The brewers selected local red wine barrels from Les Trois Emmes Winery in New Marlborough and classic brandy barrels from southern California. The beers are aged on farm-grown Massachusetts raspberries with added Brettanomyces yeast.

These beers, along with future releases, are one-offs and exclusive to the ONCEMADE project.


The company is taking pre-orders from individuals online now for this first package, scheduled to be released beginning on Monday, September 17th.

The 2-750ml bottle package will cost $45 and come in the form of a hand-numbered pinewood box. Each package will also include two hand-made wooden coasters, a piece of one of the barrels, and a hand-signed letter from the brewers.

Customers can choose pickup from the Craft Beer Cellar, Boston Wine Exchange or Night Shift Brewing or local delivery for a small fee. While anyone at least 21 years of age may technically order, delivery will be limited to the Boston area (note for locals: within the Route 128 belt) so you’d need a local proxy to pick up your package.

Less than 900 packages are available for ordering.

While Noetzel hopes to expand the project to other markets in the U.S. in the future (where ONCEMADE would match two breweries from the same locale), they will be starting out with New England-based breweries.


oncemade beer collaboration team

From Left to Right: Mike O’Mara (Night Shift Brewing), Tim Noetzel (Pintley), Rich DiTieri (Pintley), Michael Oxton (Night Shift Brewing), Helder Pimentel (Backlash Beer)

5 thoughts on “ONCEMADE, a unique beer collaboration project, set to launch in September

  1. most collaborations do not turn out well, just make your own beer and make it well.

  2. Is this a joke? Does a collaboration matter when a collective 37 people on Earth (including employees) know about each brewery?…

  3. Are you serious? These breweries may be new, but they’re two of the most highly-regarded breweries in MA!

    I was at BeerAdvocate’s recent fest, and Night Shift’s beer was some of the best at the fest.

    I for one am pretty damn excited about this.

  4. You must not be from Boston. Both of these breweries have *huge* local fan-bases, even though they’re new.

    Backlash is well-known for their saisons and Night Shift brews some of the best beer in America, IMO.

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