SweetWater Brewing Co. expanding distribution to Tampa, Orlando this fall

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Press Release:

(Atlanta, GA) – SweetWater Brewing Company, the folks who make 420 Extra Pale Ale, is excited to announce their expansion into Tampa and Orlando this fall. Known for their West Coast style of hoppy, aggressive, unpasteurized, and incredibly fresh ales, SweetWater will be kicking off their arrival with their flagship pale ale – SweetWater 420 – on draft at select bars, pubs and restaurants throughout the area.

The brewery’s iconic rainbow trout tap handles should begin appearing in Tampa late this October and then make their way into Orlando in late November, but no decisions have been made yet on distribution partners for the brand in either market. Following its launch of 420 on draft, SweetWater will roll out more tasty brews from its award-winning lineup including its IPA and Blue to join 420 in six-packs.

“With the installation of our new 250-barrel brew house and the addition of a slew of fermentation tanks, we will finally be able to make enough beer so we can sell it a little further south into Florida,” said Freddy Bensch, founder and Big Kahuna of SweetWater Brewing Company. “I’m personally looking forward to getting down there to see if the fishing is as good as I’ve heard!”

More details to be released closer to the brew’s arrival in market. To learn more about SweetWater Brewing Company and its annual lineup, visit www.sweetwaterbrew.com.


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5 thoughts on “SweetWater Brewing Co. expanding distribution to Tampa, Orlando this fall

  1. I had some Sweetwater in Atlanta this weekend, I believe it lived up to the hype, great stuff. Since I am now in Fort Myers, I can only hope they go just a little further south! Or better yet, the distributor I work for picks it up!

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  4. Congratulations! If you need any brewery tanks we produce up 1500bbl tanks here in the USA and it would be very exciting to make your tanks! Melinda 503-956-6898

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