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New Albanian owner on A-B InBev: “greatest enemy of craft beer in history of this planet”

I understand the panicked, ongoing rush to defend Goose Island, which in fact is dead. Yesterday, it became even more dead, if that’s possible: Goose Island CEO, John Hall, stepping down, A-B InBev exec taking over. Hall now "will be part of a newly-formed ‘craft advisory board’ at A-B InBev," meaning that he’ll be the rough equivalent of an affirmative action appointment to an entity which is the GREATEST ENEMY OF CRAFT BEER IN THE HISTORY OF THIS PLANET.

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7 thoughts on “New Albanian owner on A-B InBev: “greatest enemy of craft beer in history of this planet”

  1. When your favorite indie band finally gets a big record contract and sells out, what do you do? You find a new indie band to listen to.

    Same thing with beer. There are plenty of great, true-to-form micros out there to take the place in your fridge.

  2. I’m from the Louisville area and Roger might be the craft brewing equivalent of Paris Hilton. I lost all respect for the guy when he questioned Sierra Nevada opening a brewery in NC, noting that the quality would be compromised. Sierra Nevada may be the most consistent, taste and quality-wise, craft brewery in the world. Questioning that part of their operation is like questioning Michael Jordan’s basketball ability.

  3. Actually, “that guy”, I never once questioned the quality. Budweiser is successfully brewed how many places, and always the same quality? I questioned whether a second brewery 3,000 miles away would maintain the “terroir” that Sierra Nevada has always cultivated. At least try to be accurate. But I’ll concede your comparison is accurate in the sense that I have better legs than Paris, natch.

  4. Roger, driving through Louisville on a cross country road trip I was told by my friend, an old friend of Dave’s, I must stop and check your place out. I was not disappointed, it is some of the finest beer I’ve ever tasted. Education, however, is likely the greatest enemy of craft beer. The average consumer doesn’t want to hear that there is a better quality product for a nickel more, they want to be rewarded with brand loyalty. Biggest should never have become a synonym for best.

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