Shipyard Brewing update: Applehead Ale, Sea Dog Blueberry cans, Summer Ale cans

(Portland, ME) – The latest from Shipyard Brewing Co., courtesy of the company’s newsletter.

To kick off the new year Applehead Ale is back on store shelves and more delicious than ever.

Our favorite way to drink this aromatic apple ale is straight up, but if you are interested in spicing up your Applehead we conducted a not-so-scientific survey to determine the best way to drink an Applehead Ale. We couldn’t choose just one so here is the full list of cocktails.

If you are looking for this crisp wheat ale near you, check out our beer finder.

Look What The Dog Brought In


If you are a Pumpkinhead fan, this Sea Dog brew is right up your alley. And this award winning Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale is now also in cans!

The experts at Sea Dog Brewing Company in South Portland have shared their favorite Blueberry beer cocktails with us. Check them out here. Blueberry Beergarita is a definite must try!

Sneak Peek… More Cans In 2013

In an effort to make Summer 2013 even more enjoyable than last, we are very excited to announce that Shipyard Summer Ale will be available in cans this year.

You are bound to see more Shipyard brews hitting store shelves in this much more versatile vessel, so keep your eyes peeled.

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