Founders Brewing in contract negotiations in Texas, Florida, Maryland

founders brewing logo(Grand Rapids, MI) – Some brief follow-up to at least a few media reports over the past few months on where Founders Brewing will distribute to next…

Though several states have been mentioned in reports, Co-Founder, Dave Engbers, told BeerPulse on Friday that the company is under contract negotiations in three states: Texas, Florida and Maryland. An report from November also mentioned Tennessee, West Virginia and Delaware. Engbers said that they have had talks in other states but that finalizing the other three are a first priority.

Engbers confirmed that they are still looking at April as a target for Texas though he declined to provide timing specifics on Florida or Maryland, citing that negotiations can take time. Founders is registered in Florida as of mid-December.

He said that no deals have been signed.

As for the Backstage Series beers, Engbers said that they are planning to release three beers this year but declined to elaborate. The website indicates the first beer is slated for April. Alluding to the unpredictable nature of barrel-aging, Engbers wouldn’t confirm they are still locked in on April. “We’re hopin’.”

Also of note, the Grand Rapid Business Journal reported last week on how Founders handles order fulfillment. The company now does around 110 shipments out of its warehouse each month to a network of 65 wholesalers.


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