Surly’s original label for Overrated rejected by TTB: a pink unicorn, rainbow and fairy

surly overrated ipa unicorn version label(Brooklyn Center, MN) – Updates aplenty from Surly Brewing Co’s newsletter this past week…


This week, artwork for our upcoming canned West Coast IPA, Overrated, was leaked on the Internet. The unicorn-themed can art (below) was what we really wanted for Overrated but the Feds denied our artistic vision. They said it was too appealing to underage drinking, as if adults can’t be into unicorns and rainbows?! Pfft. It’s a little over the top, that’s the joke…


We’re doing all we can to make as much beer as possible at our current brewery. We’ve installed more brewing equipment and now we’re installing a new canning line to get more beer out the door, faster.

Our head brewer Todd Haug went all the way to the Comac Canning and Bottling Plant factory in Bergamo, Northern Italy last week to test out the line for himself.

The new canning line is double the speed of our existing line, it can fill more than 3,000 cans an hour and it’ll even load the cans from the pallet for us. The system will be online in a month or so, and it will eventually move to our Destination Brewery.


It’s time for the first 2013 Surly seasonal beer – we’re releasing Surly Mild at Blue Nile Restaurant & Lounge in Minneapolis on Monday, February 4, from 6pm – 10pm.

Mild’s our English-style Mild Ale brewed with pale, brown, crystal and aromatic malts and flaked oats. This one’s a low alcohol beer at 3.8% ABV, so it’s “sessionable”.

There will be pints of Mild for $5, and 4 x 4 oz. pours of any Surly beer on tap for $8 at the release party. Additional beers on tap will include: Darkness, Smoke, SYX, Abrasive, Damien, Fiery Hell, Furious, Bender and Cynic.


Because it’s Winterfest, we’re going to be pouring something special. We’ll be serving our new seasonal, Pentagram. It’s a 100 percent Brettanomyces Dark Ale aged in red wine barrels. It has flavors of sour cherry, tobacco, oak and a classic ‘Brett’ barnyard funk balanced by dark Munich malt chewiness.

We’ll be bottling Pentagram soon, so look out for a release date later in February 2013.

3 thoughts on “Surly’s original label for Overrated rejected by TTB: a pink unicorn, rainbow and fairy

  1. I love the can art, but as the father of a 4 year old who’s absolutely insane for unicorn ponies and fairies I’m secretly glad the Feds nixed it.

  2. They went to Italy for a canning line ? Let’s hope they checked out Wild Goose Canning Lines in Colorado first ! The whole micro thing means buy local -right ?

  3. Well I think if my 4 child could appreciate a beer like this I would be proud however I feel that the bitterness will cause any youngen to gag. Three Floyds did get away with putting trolls and unicorns on BrooDoo.

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